Unboxing Two 1998 Furbies

Back when I was a duckling, Furbies were one of those toys that everyone simply had to have. In case you’re unfamiliar, Furbies were these little furry robots that could talk and interact with you. You could feed them by pressing down on their tongue with your finger, click the button on their tummy to simulate petting them, and turn them sideways to play with them. They would even interact with other Furbies if you had more than one.

Though I usually wasn’t the type to have all the most popular toys (I had enough fun with my video games), I did eventually get a Furby of my own. I think it was a plain white one. I remember having a lot of fun with the silly thing, but it wasn’t until years later that I got a second one, which I believe might have been one of those colorful tye dye ones. I can’t remember how well they interacted, but I didn’t have them for very long before we moved. Unfortunately, I had neglected to remove the batteries beforehand. When I unpacked them, I discovered with utmost horror that they had been wrapped very tightly and had, at one point, woken up inside the box, their eyes left partially open, the Furbies seemingly dead. I’m unsure now whether or not I could have revived them, but at the time, I believed they were thoroughly broken and threw them away with no shortage of disappointment.

Recently, I decided to buy myself a new pair of Furbies from eBay. And by new, I don’t mean the new models they make nowadays, but rather, they were actually unboxed Furbies from 1998! The first that arrived was the leopard kind with the pink tummy, while the other was the limited edition lavender. My pink one is a bit weird. The eyes and mouth sometimes get stuck or do the opposite of what they should , so it often requests food I cannot provide because it won’t open its beak, and then it falls asleep with its eyes open. It’s also a bit loud and sneezes constantly. The lavender one works more normally, though its voice is more quiet and muffled. It did take a while to turn on, though this was easily resolved. Apparently, the best way to get these old Furbies working is to gently smack their backs and bottoms to loosen up stuck gears or whatever. I mean, they have been left unused in their boxes for 23 years, after all, so it’s only natural they might have some issues!

An ancient beast, sealed away for 23 years…
Sweet freedom! Time to rule over humanity with an iron fist!

Almost immediately after my second Furby sprung to life, it began chatting with the first one, which we had placed in front of it. They would repeat the other one, and sometimes, one would say “hide”, to which its friend would respond “yeah, hide” and close its eyes for a few moments. It was pretty cute. Unfortunately, the Furbies haven’t really seen fit to speak to each other since then, and I can’t say I understand the gibberish directed my way. Furbies speak their own language, after all, but despite looking through the provided Furbish-to-English booklet, I’m still not quite sure what the little dorks want.

Please release me from this cardboard prison, too!
‘Kay, thanks!

It’s been pretty nostalgic getting to play with my old Furbies again, and I can only hope they’ll start doing new things once I’ve interacted with them more. Admittedly, they are a bit…noisier than I remember, so it’s usually not long before I’m eager for them to go back to sleep. Fortunately, they usually fall asleep if you put them in a dark room for a short time or cover their eyes for about 20 seconds. Funnily enough, last time I employed the former method, I heard “ring, ring” emanating from my closet before its inevitable bedtime. Um, just go to sleep already, okay?

4 thoughts on “Unboxing Two 1998 Furbies

    1. I just searched online for custom Furbies, and there are a lot of cool ones. Some rather scary ones, too! Thanks, they were definitely the cutest I could find on eBay. I was thinking of naming the pink one Kirby the Furby, while the purple one is named Lilac. I like to think Lilac is more shy because of her softer voice, and Kirby is more rambunctious.

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  1. I think I might have been in the age group that missed the Furby stage unfortunately. Like I was “too cool” to have one by that point whereas I’d LOVE one now, because I’m now old so no longer cool :p I had the sort of precursor Teddy Ruxpin who was a cassette based toy who would read stories while his mouth moved. I think there may have been a cartoon created for it, too in order to sell more toys. They’re making new generation Furbies???

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    1. Speaking of Teddy Ruxpin, my mom and I were perusing the local antique store once, and there was this terrifying caterpillar plush that didn’t sell for a long time. It turns out it was a caterpillar named Grubby who was made by the same people who made Teddy Ruxpin. I learned this by accident when watching a Chadtronic video.
      Anyway, yeah, I guess they’re making new models of Furbies now. I was so surprised to learn these were still a thing. But I just had to buy some old 1998 Furbies, since they’re the kind I’m used to. Sometimes it’s nice to recapture some of those childhood memories.

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