Magic Candle Company Review

Being longtime viewers of Offhand Disney, we are no stranger to his sponsor, the Magic Candle Company, which sells scents inspired by the Disney parks.  We already own these scent “pods” where you place them on a warmer to melt them without the need for lighting candles, and we finally decided to give the Magic Candle Company a try, as well.  We ended up getting four of these “wax melts” and this tiki warmer because our old warmer was starting to die.  These are also a bit different from the pods, so we also got these liners (they look a bit like cupcake liners, but more robust) so that the wax wouldn’t melt directly on the warmer.

The four scents we got were as follows: Haunted, Pirate Life, Japan, and Polynesian Christmas.  The first two are inspired by the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, respectively.  The other two are pretty straightforward, but if I’m going to tie them into the Disney parks, I suppose they’d correspond to the Japan pavilion in Epcot and the Polynesian Resort in Disney World.  Each one comes in this plastic container shaped a bit like a small ice cube tray.  The wax was in one solid clump when we got it (is this normal or did it melt together in transit?), but it’s very easy to scoop it out (we use a plastic spoon or knife) and dump it into the liner.  The tiki warmer is also super cute, though the top part is lose, which I find odd.  It doesn’t come off easily if bumped, but I still wish it attached to the top more securely.

The tiki warmer lights up when it’s on

As for the smells, the first one we tried was Haunted, which is supposed to smell like cedar wood and vanilla.  Up close, it smells strong and musty and kind of gross.  Once melted, the scent is rather faint, but it captures the smell of an old house quite well.  It’s…interesting, and the vanilla is a nice touch.  It just depends on whether or not that’s a smell you want in your house.  If you want to pretend you’re in an old, spooky mansion, then it’s quite effective.  If not, it may not be the smell for you.  I’d say it’s more for immersion than anything.

Pirate Life is described as smelling like “damp ocean air” and “salty sea breezes”.  This one was really pleasant.  It actually smells a bit like the Suave Ocean Breeze shampoo I sometimes use, which I really like.  It’s hard to describe, but there’s this almost…floral scent mixed with salt?  (I’m not good at describing smells….)  Somehow, it actually smells humid.  I’d definitely recommend this one if you want a medium-strength scent that makes you feel like you’re visiting the beach.

Japan smells like cherry blossoms.  It’s a nice floral smell, but not very strong.  Even though it smells pleasant up close, it’s too weak to really be worth it.

Polynesian Christmas is my favorite scent.  It’s the strongest and did a good job filling almost the whole house with this flowery sweet smell, the sweetness probably coming from the pineapple.  It was a delightful smell indeed!

If you’re interested, I’d definitely recommend buying these in bulk, as $17 for each scent is rather expensive.  But if you get four wax melts for roughly $28 ($7 each) or ten for roughly $50 ($5 each), that’s a much better deal.  You can also get candles and room sprays and whatnot, but I’m not sure how the prices work with those variations.  Also, if you read the description for Offhand Disney’s more recent videos, there’s a good chance you’ll find a discount code for even more savings!  There are tons of different smells available, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something that piques your interest.

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