Cat Naps in People Laps

I haven’t talked about my Siamese cat sisters, Rosalina and Carmelita, all that much lately, so I thought I would, once again, recount a few things about my precious, little angels. Because you can never talk too much about your pets. To start, both cats like sitting on Mother Duck’s lap. Usually, Carmelita sits on her lap during the first half of the day, and Rosalina sits on her lap in the evenings. I have no idea why they won’t sit on me during the day time, but…

Every night, Rosalina and I have this ritual. Before I go to bed, I sit outside the door to my room, and she’ll come over, placing her paws on my leg, and headbutt me in the face before crawling into my lap. Sometimes, she’ll curl up in my lap for a long time, making it very difficult to leave. As tired as I get at this late hour, moving her is simply not an option, so we snuggle for as long as she wants, and sometimes, she’ll keep looking up at me with this contented look upon her face. At this moment, there is only happiness. She won’t do this with anyone else around, so I think of it as our special “Rosie-Duck time”.

Rosie, chillin’ on her bench

Once Rosie gets off my lap, she will often sit in front of the door to my room so that she can run in the first chance she gets. Considering I have electronics and other things in there that are absolutely not cat-friendly, I can’t allow her inside, so to prevent her from getting into my room, I usually pick her up and hold her for a while. During the day, both cats don’t really let us hold them. I suppose they’re just too busy for that. But at night, Rosie will let me hold her for much longer than usual, and sometimes, she’ll stare back at me just as she does when nestled in my lap, and we’ll exchange the slow blinks that cats do with people they trust.

Every once in a while, I have to sleep in another room, and since there’s nothing they can really break in there, these are the nights that they can stay with me. Rosie will sometimes sleep under the blankets, right up against me, but she usually doesn’t stay for long. Carmelita prefers sleeping at the foot of the bed. She’ll usually stay all night, though this usually means Rosie has to leave because she’s usually too feisty and enjoys pouncing on her sister, effectively ruining bedtime if she’s allowed to remain. Poor Carmelita simply can’t get any peace with her sister around!

Carmelita on the futon

Rosie is often far more concerned with playing than such trifles as eating or sleeping, for we often have to supervise her during mealtime, or else she’ll wander off halfway through her dinner, and we simply can’t allow Carmelita to swoop in and pilfer her food until we know Rosie has absolutely had her fill. It sometimes requires us to bring her food bowl to her multiple times before she’ll finish her meal, and so, there always must be at least one person watching her at all times. If we both leave the room, you can guarantee she will track us down.

As a little bonus story, Rosie is pretty good at playing fetch. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before, but one day, Rosie kept bringing me a toy after I had thrown it. One time, the toy was in my lap, and I had yet to throw it for her. Unsure how to get her point across when said toy was already within my grasp, she picked it up and pressed it back into my lap as a way to let me know that playtime was not yet over.

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