It may be March, but Mother Duck and I decided to work our way through a Christmas special marathon over the previous weekend. The vast majority were Rankin/Bass, along with two Charlie Brown Christmas shorts. Since I had so much fun reviewing The Year Without a Santa Claus and A Miser Brothers’ Christmas, reviews for many of these Christmas specials are imminent (I mean, they might not be ready right away, but they’re coming…). The movies/shorts that I’ll be discussing are all ones we had never seen before. Some weren’t too bad, while others were…kind of painful. Ah yes, nothing quite screams “Christmas spirit” like writing critical reviews about Christmas specials that aren’t even intended for my age group…several months after December!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Marathon…in Spring

  1. I used to watch Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July at random times during the year. Granted, it’s not “technically” a Christmas movie, but it still kind of is. I also always cry at it when Frosty gives up his hat to give Rudolph back his powers then melts. Heartbreaking.

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    1. It feels like a lot of Rankin/Bass movies are Christmas movies, even when they shouldn’t be. There’s this Leprechaun movie I plan to review eventually, and they tried very hard to make it into a Christmas movie, even when it would have been better off being a St. Patrick’s Day movie or something.

      Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July is one of the movies I plan on posting a review of in the near future. I agree that it still feels like a Christmas movie even though it takes place during the Fourth of July…because of Santa Claus, Rudolph, and Frosty, of course. It definitely had some pretty sad moments. I also love stop motion Frosty. He’s adorable.

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