Screenshot by The Duck of Indeed

I just revisited Little Nightmares 2 and got 100% of the trophies in the game! I had missed practically everything, but thanks to a guide I found on YouTube, it didn’t take me long to get every trophy, including finding every spooky shadow child and every hat (minus two that must be part of the Nome’s Attic DLC?). Interesting events are as follows:

  • There were various secret rooms I had never seen before, including one with a giant rat, a poorly covered grave, and a hole in the floor, into which I threw some cheese
  • We put some corn into an incinerator and made popcorn
  • Things went better for the doctor this time…
  • The teacher caught me in her classroom when she was writing on the chalkboard, which didn’t happen on my first playthrough. If this happens, she slaps her desk with her ruler, and three bullies chase after you. You can knock the bookcase with the key on top of them, though.
  • On my way back out of the classroom, the teacher caught me, but I managed to elude her. She chased me out of the room and nearly snatched me, but promptly gave up as I ran for the elevator. It’s a shame that didn’t happen during my YouTube playthrough. It was pretty startling.

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