Miser Brothers Funko Pops

Hey, everyone, about two weeks ago, I posted a little status update about a recent eBay auction. It was my second auction, but the very first one where I actually won. You see, I had been eyeing these Funko Pops of the Miser Brothers (from The Year Without a Santa Claus), but they’re pretty expensive.

One day, I saw an auction for the Snow Miser Funko on eBay. The price was currently at about $70. The best non-auction price was…$190! (I know, my heart stopped for a moment, too.) The auction was ending that night at 1 AM. I heard that it’s advantageous to bid in these kinds of auctions because a lot of people (at least in my corner of the globe, anyway) won’t be awake at that hour.

Seeing my chance, I set my phone alarm for a short time before the auction ended…only to cancel it. Honestly, I hate being woken up by alarms. It always freaks me out. Instead, I decided to let fate decide. And sure enough, I woke up in time to put my automatic bid in near the end of the auction and watch the results. I ended up getting the Funko for $111.50. (With auto bids, you put in your highest price, then your bid will be just over the second highest bid…unless someone outbids you, of course.)

Furthermore, I had been watching this $150 Heat Miser Funko. After a few days, I got a message for a $20 discount. So my naughty self couldn’t resist buying that one, too. They simply had to be a pair!

Well, they’re both here, and they look so cute together! They’re also both in protectors to keep them nice and safe. In total, both of these cost $240, which I admit is pretty steep. But if you want the pair, you normally have to pay $300 or even $400! Madness! So even though they’re easily my most costly Funko Pops, I still got a pretty decent deal on them. (Yeah, you just tell yourself that, Duck….)

They’re too much!

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