Dunkaroos Are Back: The Duck’s Verdict

In recent times, an old treat from my ducklinghood has returned.  Perhaps you remember it…Dunkaroos was a snack from the 90’s that included small cookies that you dunked (hence the name) in frosting.  (In fact, they’re kind of like those snacks where you get several crackers and can spread cheese on them.  Which were also a childhood favorite of mine.)  I remember enjoying these quite a bit when I was young, and though they were apparently discontinued, I recently learned that they’re back!  Naturally, I just had to try them to see if they’re as good as I remember.

While Dunkaroos are apparently available at Wal-Mart, we didn’t find them anywhere, and the employee we asked had no idea where they might be, either.  So instead, we purchased a pack of three on Amazon, and though we got them for a fairly decent price, plenty of people are paying a lot more for them.

Carmelita is licking her lips. Sorry, but no cookies for you.

When they arrived a few days later, I opened my first pack in decades with trepidation.  Our tastes often change over the years, and our favorite childhood snacks are often not as good as we remember.  And Amazon reviews citing oily frosting didn’t help.

The cookies have been breached….

Trying the different elements separately, the cookies are thin and bitter and not very good on their own.  The frosting is typical vanilla frosting with the colorful bits in there.  But was it unpleasant frosting like the reviews said?  Honestly, it’s hard to say because I don’t even like a lot of frosting on cake now that I’m older, so maybe I’m not a good judge.  For me, frosting’s always a bit greasy and overly sweet, and this stuff didn’t seem to be any different from any other frosting I’ve had.  Together, the cookies dipped in frosting were…okay.  The cookies taste much better with sweet frosting on them, and I ate the whole thing because, frankly, they’re kind of addicting.  They’re not great, but I can see why a kid would enjoy eating something sugary like this, especially with the extra step of dipping involved.  A snack that you “construct”, even in a very minimal fashion, seems to be fun for kids, if Lunchables are anything to go by….

In the end, this was a fun and nostalgic little experiment, but I wouldn’t exactly try these again.  I think thicker, more substantial cookies would help, and I think chocolate frosting would be a good option.  And honestly, when I look up old images…I feel like that’s what these things used to be like.  Bigger cookies with chocolate frosting seem to be more like what I remember.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think these are even the Dunkaroos I had when I was a duckling.  So if I can ever get my feathery, little hands on some better Dunkaroos, maybe I’d give them another chance for nostalgia’s sake.  Until then, I don’t know what I’m going to do with these other two packs….

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