I Dream I’m a Fairy on a Broomstick

The night of 11/21/20, I had another very interesting set of dreams that included another weird visit to Disneyland and a flight through a virtual world.  In the first dream, there was a special event in Disneyland, and each ride had this checklist of sorts.  If you managed to complete every item on the list, you would either receive or get a chance to win a special prize for that particular ride.  Well, as is often the case in such dreams, I never have much time at Disneyland because the time goes by so quickly.  So I decided I had to at least visit my favorite ride, the Haunted Mansion, of course.

I visited the Haunted Mansion with this new friend I had just met, excited to get my checklist completed here.  The ride, however, was very different and had many new things added for this special event.  These temporary additions included extra scenes where you had to actually get off your, ahem, doom buggy and walk through a particular area.  I remember there being at least four areas, but I only somewhat remember two of them.

The first area was really weird and had these guys in yellow hazmat suits saying we were going to catch some painful disease.  I know, weird, huh?  The last area that I remember, however, was a lot more exciting, but just as random.  I was with a group of people, and I didn’t know where the next area was.  I realized that my group (three guys, I believe, though I’m not sure what became of my friend) had gone off down this sidewalk to the right, and I chased after them, calling after them to slow down.  What makes this one exciting, for me anyway, was the fact that we got to explore this lovely green forest, and I absolutely love forests.  Not far into the woods, we started to climb up this steep slope using these vines, while I admired this nearby river because, along with forests, I also love bodies of water.  Verdant nature is my thing, doncha know.

Well, this dream ended when I woke up, and I was quite disappointed indeed because I wanted to know what was going to happen in the forest.  Well, after that, I fell asleep again, and the dream had skipped ahead to when everyone was getting their prizes.  I was very disappointed to learn that, not only did I not complete my Haunted Mansion checklist, but only one person was chosen at random for each ride.  And I noticed that only well-known people had won prizes, so Disney was clearly biased in who they were choosing (so it wasn’t really all that random at all).  And by “well-known” people, I’m actually talking about video game characters.  Funnily enough, Nina Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot series won the Haunted Mansion prize….

After this, I actually had another really fun dream where I was in this virtual video game world.  There was this pretty neighborhood, and I wondered how far I could wander off from the main game.  You know, usually in video games, you bump into an invisible wall, or some other sort of barrier halting your progress, if you try to go where you don’t belong.  Well, I was excited to learn that the navigable part of the game world was much larger than anticipated.  I remember this main street sort of area lined with pretty houses, so I decided to begin my exploration by heading left down the street.

Oh, and did I mention that I was a little fairy riding around on a broom like a witch?  No?  Because I was (despite the redundancy, considering I also had wings).

Anyway, the farther down the road I zipped along on my broomstick, the more the neighborhood became a little less lovely, but the level of freedom in this artificial world was still really cool.  Eventually, I ended up at some fences serving as a dead end, so I went down another road as I continued my mission to explore every inch of this place and find out just how big it really was.  This new direction led to a large, ugly parking lot and a Wal-Mart.  Unattractive though this place was, I was still in awe at how huge this world was, especially when all of this wasn’t even meant to be seen.  I went into the building, but it was just a hallway that led to another dead end, so I headed back in search of a new place to explore.

The dream ended about there, but it was strangely fun, nonetheless.  I was able to fly around really well, and very quickly, too, which was quite exciting.  I had heard before that dreams where you can fly mean you feel like you have control in your life, and dreams where you struggle to fly mean you feel like you don’t have any control.  Well, I used to have lots of flying dreams many years ago, but they were of the variety where I struggled to stay aloft.  I remember one in particular where I was an owl, and I saw my parents driving down the freeway.  I tried to fly after them, but it took a great deal of effort to get myself off the ground, and I could only travel short distances before I inevitably had to stop again to catch my breath.  It wasn’t long before I had fallen so far behind, I had no chance of ever catching up.

While I know dreams have no prophetic powers, it was still nice having a dream whose meaning would no doubt be pretty positive.  I’d like to believe that good things are on the horizon, but again, I know dreams are just dreams and nothing more.  Whatever life has in store, it’s nice to know that we always have our dreams to serve as a relaxing escape from reality.

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