A Festive Graham Cracker House…and Grumpy Snowman

Merry Christmas, dear readers!  To celebrate this most festive of days, I have a silly little story to share with you all!  We were recently watching YouTuber Barry Lewis make a tiny gingerbread house (video below), and it inspired us to make our own…except it wouldn’t be tiny, and it wouldn’t be made of gingerbread!  Since we felt like cobbling together a miniature house out of whatever we happened to have lying around, we decided to make…a graham cracker house, decorated with old Halloween candy (we didn’t plan on eating it anyway) and any other appropriate ingredients!

To start, we crafted the house out of chocolate graham crackers, held together by vanilla frosting that’s been neglected in our cabinet.  After that, the real fun could begin.

This house has no windows and no doors….

We started with a door (and step) and windows made from a miniature Hershey’s chocolate bar, and then we frosted the roof and added a border of chewy sweet tarts.

This house has a nice view of Twinings Mountain in the background….

We also frosted the yard and added shredded coconut to mimic grass, along with green taffy and green-wrapped Rollo candies for trees and bushes.  (One tree has a yellow sweet tart to represent the star at the top of the Christmas tree.)  The yard also has a path of small shrubs (green sweet tarts), yellow lanterns (yellow sweet tarts), with crushed candy cane gravel, which can also be found on the roof.  There’s even a mailbox made out of part of a Kit Kat and a Hi-chew fruit gummy.

The finished house and yard

Perhaps the best part, however, is the snowman.  He’s made of mint taffy, with a face made from chocolate shavings and a tiny piece of orange taffy for his nose.  Last off, his hat is a graham cracker with a piece of Kit Kat on top.  The snowman turned out super crabby, which Mother Duck and I found to be quite hilarious!

A close up of the world’s angriest taffy snowman…

And to think, none of this would have happened if we hadn’t been inspired by the video below.

Video from YouTube User: Barry Lewis

Hope you guys enjoyed my silly graham cracker house photos, and I wish you all a better Christmas than our grumpy snowman is having!

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