Fried Christmas Treats and Free Movies

About two weeks before Christmas, Mother Duck and I had a rather fun weekend involving the yearly Christmas festival. For the first time ever, the event spanned two days instead of just one in an effort to decrease the crowd levels, and we…well, we actually went both days, summoned as we were by the call of delicious festival food.

The first day, I had some of the juiciest chicken strips I’ve ever had, which we had purchased just before realizing there was a little tent selling samosas. I used to love eating these scrumptious little frozen chicken samosas, but they had stopped selling them at the grocery store years ago. Thrilled at this new food vendor, Mother Duck and I got three samosas each (as they were 3 for $10). I had one potato and two spicy chicken, while Mother Duck got veggie, mushroom, and potato. The only one that wasn’t great was the mushroom, but the rest were some of the most delectable things we had ever eaten. The potato was soft and tasted strongly of curry, and the spicy chicken was moist and, well, spicy.

So the next day, we returned for a grand feast, knowing full well we would need to diet afterwards. We got mostly the same food as the day before (except Mother Duck got two potato and one spicy chicken samosas because they were out of veggie ones). Plus I also got a cheeseburger, and Mother Duck got a Philly cheesesteak and a gyro. Yes, we were very naughty indeed.

The samosas were amazing, like usual, and the chicken strips were still juicy, though the included fries were undercooked this time, even though they were crispy the first time I had them. And while my burger was…okay, Mother Duck liked her gyro, but did not enjoy the cheesesteak, which seemed to simply include steak and that’s about it.

In addition to our weekend of feasting, we found multiple free movies on YouTube that we watched over the upcoming days, The House Without a Christmas Tree, Christmas Story (from 2007, not the movie everyone’s seen at least a hundred times), The Christmas Bunny, and Journey to the Christmas Star.

The House Without a Christmas Tree (1972) follows a young girl named Addie whose widowed father won’t allow her to have a Christmas tree. Pretty much what you’d expect from the title. This movie was rather relaxing to watch, save for the fact that Addie’s father was quite the jerk, and his harsh feelings towards his daughter were enough that I didn’t exactly feel much sympathy for him even after he “redeems” himself at the end.

Christmas Story (2007) is one of those movies that attempts to give a backstory for Santa Claus (kind of like Klaus from 2019, another good Christmas movie). Unlike Klaus, this movie was not animated, but was filmed in Finland and follows the young boy Nick after he loses his parents. He eventually gets given to a cruel carpenter named Isaac because, due to a bad harvest, no one else could afford to take him in. Fortunately, Isaac eventually warms up to Nick and becomes less of a creep, even accepting Nick as a son. The rest of the story follows Nick as an adult and how he becomes the Santa Claus we’re more familiar with.

The Christmas Bunny (2010) is about a foster child named Julia who takes care of an injured rabbit, which helps her to open up more with her new family. This was probably my least favorite of the bunch, though it wasn’t bad, either. It was just a bit dark for a Christmas movie at times because it involves things like abusive parenting, so yeah…not very festive. Also, the fact that there are no consequences when the boy endangers the bunny also really bothered me.

Journey to the Christmas Star (2012) was a very pleasant movie that was filmed in Norway. It has a fairytale sort of vibe and follows a girl named Sonja who must locate the missing Christmas star before time runs out, both to save the kingdom from being ruled by an evil count and a witch and to bring back Princess Golden Hair. Though the journey in question was surprisingly short and not particularly treacherous, the movie was still fun to watch, nonetheless.

We often watch the same Christmas movies year after year, so it was fun to try something different, especially since the movies generally ended up being better than expected. So if you guys are looking for some more obscure Christmas movies to watch this year, here are several recommendations for your viewing enjoyment (each was free on YouTube at the time of writing this).

Photo by Adam Chang on Unsplash

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