Spatchcocked Turkey and Cat Towers

Thanksgiving was last week, and though my post is a tad late, getting a post published the day after the holiday it’s about isn’t too easy.  So I didn’t.  Ahem, I just thought I’d write a little bit about how our Thanksgiving went, along with a little gift we got for our lovely Siamese cats, Rosalina and Carmelita.

To start, we usually like to have a non-traditional Thanksgiving.  So this year, we wanted to make some Thai food.  So we ordered some harder to obtain ingredients from Amazon, only to get a very generous free Thanksgiving meal given to us courtesy of Mother Duck’s workplace.  This included a whole turkey, a few potatoes, and a big box of stuffing.  Well, considering we had just been handed our first traditional Thanksgiving meal in years, we didn’t exactly have much choice but to make it.

So the weekend before the actual holiday, we had our Thai feast, which included massaman curry, tom ka soup, coconut rice, and because we wanted some bread, but didn’t know what to pick that would fit the theme, naan (this is clearly Indian rather than Thai, but…naan is pretty darn delicious and was a welcome addition to the meal, nonetheless).  The coconut rice was a brand I had gotten in stores years ago, but it isn’t sold in the local grocery store anymore, so we had to order it.  And maybe there’s a reason for that because it wasn’t as flavorful as it used to be.  But the rest was pretty tasty, with my favorite part of the meal being the curry.  Massaman curry is a really delicious dish we always order at a local Thai restaurant.  It’s not very spicy, but it’s delicious and has chicken and potato.  It’s pretty easy to make, too, with our newly acquired can of curry paste.

The only interesting thing to really note about our actual Thanksgiving meal (which we ate on Wednesday because the turkey was already defrosted) was that we tried spatchcocking, a method we learned about on a recent Food Theory video we had watched on YouTube.  You’re supposed to flatten the turkey by cutting out the spine and, um, breaking the ribs so that it cooks faster and more evenly, which we can confirm seems to be the case because it was quite juicy and cooked in only two hours, despite being roughly 14 pounds (it should have been cooked for even shorter, but we added more time because we couldn’t quite get it as flat as it needed to be).

In addition to a lovely meal, we also bought our kitties their first cat tower.  We can never put these darn things together, but we managed to get one already assembled.  At first, they found its tall, imposing form to be quite terrifying indeed.  But after a short time, they grew used to it and made short work of destroying the hanging string toy.  Half of the toy’s mangled remains are still there, and they still enjoy attacking it, when they’re not napping in the round, top tier.

I don’t have a photo of the tower, but here’s Rosie, who loves to play with the string toy the most.

Well, dear readers, how was your Thanksgiving?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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