Carmelita and Rosalina Learn to Share

I’m not sure when I last talked about “the beans” (AKA our Siamese kitty sisters Rosalina and Carmelita), but any day not spent discussing adorable kittens is one day too many.  (They are no longer technically kittens, but in my mind, they will be babies forever.)  Today, I wanted to write about how cooperative our little kitties have become with each other.

Carmelita is the bigger of the two, which might explain why she’s a bit greedier.  They get a similar amount of canned food (though, Carmelita may get just a tad more due to her size), but we figure that the kibbles that are always available to them should make up for any differences in their nutritional needs.  Earlier on, Carmelita was far pushier with food.  Preferring the canned food to the dry, she would often attempt to steal food from Rosalina, who was having none of it.  I remember watching in amusement one day when Rosie placed her paw on Carmelita’s forehead and pushed her thieving sister away from her meal.

Rosie enjoys napping on “box city”.

Nowadays, that has all changed, however.  Rosie has some admirable self-control when it comes to eating.  She eats just as much as she needs, then walks away, even leaving her meal unfinished a good deal of the time.  She has even been known to leave mealtime so early, in fact, that she barely touches her food at all, as she is sometimes more interested in playtime.  She will then return to find that Carmelita has greedily scarfed everything down in her absence, leaving Rosie to have to eat the kibbles if she’s famished.  Fortunately, more often than not, Rosie will eat at her assigned mealtime, and we needn’t worry too much about portions because she will stop when she’s full.  During nearly every mealtime, Carmelita finishes her food right away, while Rosie takes her sweet time.  Carmelita will then proceed to wait patiently and will not attempt to eat Rosie’s leftovers until her sister is done.  Sometimes this means waiting for quite a while indeed because Rosie is an incredibly slow eater.

This is just Carmelita being hilarious.

I am quite impressed with how well-behaved our kitties can be sometimes, particularly Carmelita’s courteous behavior at mealtime.  It is so cute, in fact, I couldn’t help but share my little tale with you all.

8 thoughts on “Carmelita and Rosalina Learn to Share

    1. Yeah, my kitties are certainly too smart for their own good. They’ve recently learned to open every kitchen cabinet, and the sticky stuff used to stop cats from messing with things doesn’t deter them at all. Now we have to place objects in front of every cabinet to keep them from getting in. They’re currently trying to figure out how to open a drawer that houses a new string toy that we use to play with them from time to time. I’ve watched them sniff at the handles and scratch at the top edge. I wonder if they’ll ever succeed in opening it….

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      1. I’m just glad our rental has round doorknobs, because I think our cats could have easily opened the doors in our old house, which had these longer doorknobs. These round knobs are much harder for their paws to grip, even though they still try really hard to open my bedroom door, nonetheless.

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      2. Our cats love destruction, as well. We have tons of boxes in our house because we’re renting and didn’t want to unpack. But over a year of cats jumping onto them has made many of the boxes cave in on top…plus they rip the tape off. Probably most of our boxes will need to be redone because of these silly cats.

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