Haunted Mansion Color Palettes for October 2020

This post comes a bit late for Halloween, but I wanted to share with you all some drawings I did for the month of October.  Months ago, I tried my hand at color palettes, the theme being the amazing game, Hollow Knight, that I had recently had the pleasure of playing.  Since I had so much fun with this style of drawing, I decided to do a whole set of Haunted Mansion pictures in this style for the spookiest month of the year.  Behold!

Madame Leota using color palette #215
The Ghost Host himself, with color palette #171
The Tightrope Girl from the stretching portraits, with color palette #231
And my personal favorite, the Hatbox Ghost, with color palette #228

This was a lot of fun, and there’s a good chance I might do more pictures like this in the future.  Before I go, a few links are in order.  The color palettes came from this link here.  And if you want to see more of the Duck’s drawings, you can visit my Deviant Art page.

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