Knocking at the Door: Another Creepy Dream

I had a very spooky dream the night of September 22.  The dream started out in a candy store, which seems unassuming enough.  It was a rather dirty candy store, though, because people would take bites out of candy and leave the rest there, which was most unpleasant indeed.  I wanted some candy to bring home, especially some dark chocolate, but it was hard to find what I wanted, especially if I wanted candy that was untouched!  (This part of the dream might have been because I recently bought some cookies, which turned out to be all smashed up when I opened the package.)

Well, it was now time to leave, and I wanted to text Mother Duck.  But whenever I tried to contact her, text would appear on the screen of my phone completely on its own.  Or rather, the phone was somehow being used by Chara from Undertale, who is a very…unpleasant sort of person, to say the least.  Chara kept talking to me through the text on my phone, and though I don’t remember what exactly she was saying, it was very threatening.  So I decided I needed to text Mother Duck something short and quick that I could send before Chara could change it.  I think I just settled for the word “Mom”, hoping Mother Duck would notice something was amiss.

I also decided I would personally go to Mother Duck’s workplace and find her, which was in this bad part of town near where we lived, with lots of buildings packed in.  I managed to reach the building, and fortunately, it wasn’t long before I found her.  We then returned home, where we had two guys showing up for an appointment to fix the air conditioner (something that actually happened recently in real life).  We were living in a really weird rental with an odd layout.  For example, the upstairs was super open and didn’t have many walls.  The men were working upstairs (in the real world, part of the machinery related to the air conditioner is in this closet in the upstairs hallway), while Mother Duck and I became very concerned about a noise downstairs.

There were these bad people who lived in the area, and they had to pass our house every afternoon.  One of them must have seen us through a window and wanted to get inside.  He started knocking on the door, and we heard a creaking noise, like he was trying to force the door open.  He continued knocking on the door over and over again, and Mother Duck and I didn’t know what to do.  The knocking went on for probably a half hour, and we were trying to find somewhere in the house to hide, or we were considering asking the men working on the air conditioner to help us if the man knocking on the door got inside.

As you can tell, this was a very unsettling dream indeed, so I decided to save it for October to publish as a sort of spooky post.  It’s always a relief to wake up and realize that something frightening was really just imagined!

Photo by Jonathan Petersson from Pexels

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