Drawing Tinkerbell 7 Years Later

Another art comparison, folks, this one comparing my drawings of Tinkerbell from 2013 and 2020!  This is a great way to see how much I’ve improved over the years, even if looking back over my old pictures is a bit painful, to say the least.

To start, here’s a comparison of just the faces.  All I can say is…yikes!  Poor Tinkerbell’s face from 2013 is misshapen indeed.  And don’t even get me started on that neck!  Ugh…okay, let’s just move on to a comparison of the full bodies, shall we?

Nothing too wild to point out here.  Although it is quite apparent that 2020 Tinkerbell displays a better understanding of human (or pixie…) proportions.  Strangely enough, the way I draw arms and legs doesn’t seem like it’s changed that much over the years, though I have noticed a distinct lack of shadows in the older image.  Possibly because I was using colored pencils?  The new picture also includes extra embellishments, such as the earring, eye shadow, and the puffier…puffs on the shoes.  I have also started adding more blush to my characters, particularly on the cheeks, nose, and ears (and in this case, the shoulders).  It just adds a bit more life, don’t you think?  I can only hope she doesn’t look sunburned….

All in all, it’s good to see one’s skills increasing over the years…even if this should really be expected, considering that there was a whopping 7-year difference between the creation of these two images!  As usual, if you like the Duck’s meager attempts at art, don’t forget that you can find Tinkerbell, and a lot more, over on my Deviant Art account!

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