Rosalina Gets Peeved

The other day, one of our Siamese cats, Rosalina, became very ticked off.  I always find it amusing to see something so adorable act so darn angry, so I decided I’d write a short little post about it.  Without further ado…

It all started with this cat acne that Carmelita had been getting on her chin.  Once we noticed the issue, we started washing her chin with a cloth or paper towel either moistened with water or this disinfectant we bought at the pet store (sometimes diluted with water to reduce the smell, as our cats don’t take kindly to strong odors).  Carmelita has always been quite cooperative about the whole thing and seems to view this as no different from a mother cat washing her kittens with her tongue.  In fact, it seems to make her quite happy when we clean her in this manner.

And then Rosalina’s chin started to show signs of acne.  Naturally, Mother Duck chose to treat it the same way, but in this case, Rosie was not pleased.  No, not one bit.  After all was said and done, Rosie was decidedly angry and hid underneath the dining room table in our kitchen every time Mother Duck approached.  She’d come out for me, but if the object of her spite drew near, right back under the table she would go.

After a short time, Rosie came out to lay on her usual spot atop a pile of boxes (we’re living in a rental, hence the box city inhabiting our dining room).  I could pet her as much as I wanted, but if Mother Duck dared do the same, Rosie would start slapping and swapping at her in quite an aggravated fashion.  The nerve!  It didn’t take too much longer for her to return to her usual sweet self, but boy was she being a brat!

5 thoughts on “Rosalina Gets Peeved

  1. We call our Garnet “Little Miss Murder Paws” because she’ll swipe at us when she doesn’t want to be bothered and cutting her nails is a two person job with one person at risk of losing their skin. I declare to my husband I’m not willing to risk my mahogany splendor so we’ve wisely let the vet do it 😀 Garnet is also not happy with the liquid medicine she needs to take three times a month for potential parasites, and she is VERY much a little diva, but every time I post pictures of her, the comments are about how adorable she is. Oh if only they knew!

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    1. Cats can be pretty feisty little monsters! Rosie was trying to bite me today for no discernible reason. She’s such a cute, little crudhead!

      When we first got our cats, we had to put this parasite medicine on the small of their backs. But they kept trying to lick it off no matter how much we tried to stop them, and whenever they succeeded in licking off even just a small amount, their saliva would foam for a few minutes. It was crazy! Silly girls!

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