How Smart Are My Siamese: A Case Study

It is often said that Siamese cats are among the more intelligent cat breeds.  Nevertheless, as sweet and wonderful as Rosie and Carmelita can be, they don’t always seem like the brightest kitties in the world.  I don’t know about you, but repeatedly getting on my kitchen counter and stealing bits of rubbish straight from the trash can doesn’t exactly scream “intelligence!”  It wasn’t so very long ago, however, that Carmelita surprised me with a rare display of cunning.  Or maybe it was just my imagination…

Both of my cats have an obsession with going into my room.  Seeing as they love running through wires every chance they get, however, I haven’t allowed this ever since I moved my video games and recording equipment into my room.  There are just too many wires that I simply know they’ll want to chew on and/or entangle themselves amongst that my room has since become one of the strictest “no kitty zones” in the house.

Rosalina has always been the more respectful of the two.  Carmelita, however, has been known to charge into rooms like a battering ram the moment a door opens.  Well, we are often prepared for this possibility, making success a lot more difficult nowadays.  Which has forced her to devise new, more sinister plans for getting in.

Every once in a while, I am disturbed by the sound of my bedroom doorknob jiggling, only to realize that Carmelita is trying once more to open my door.  Thus far, she has been, thankfully, inept at the art of doorknob-turning due to her lack of opposable thumbs.  So instead, she tried something else…

I hear her meow at my door.  I say, “Carmelita, is that you?”  Rosie will meow more when I respond.  Carmelita, however, is silent.  I open the door, and she’s standing there.  She doesn’t attempt to enter my room and seems friendly enough.  And then she suddenly runs downstairs.  “Oh,” I think to myself, “she just wanted food.  Figures.”  I head back to my room and open the door, only to glance back to find Carmelita barreling for the door at top speed.  I close the door and pet her some more.  Then she runs downstairs.  Then returns when I do nothing.

Catching on, I wait as she runs downstairs again.  Our stairs make a turn halfway through, so when she runs down the steps, it’s not long before she is lost from view.  But I carefully listen, and I realize that she doesn’t go all the way downstairs.  You can tell she only runs far enough to disappear around the corner and stop.  Weird.  I head back to my room, and I open the door, turning back once more as Carmelita sprints for my room once again.

While her experiment proved to be a failure, it was actually a pretty cunning plan indeed.  Carmelita knows that when she lures me out into the hallway and runs downstairs, I won’t follow.  Instead, I’ll head back to my room.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m just seeing a diabolical scheme where there is none.  But it feels to me like Carmelita was tricking me into opening my door as soon as she disappeared from sight so she could sprint in before I knew what was happening.  Heck, it nearly worked…twice…before I became wise to her trickery.  Maybe my Siamese are smarter than I previously gave them credit for.  But one question remains…

Why, oh why, must they use their intelligence for evil?!

2 thoughts on “How Smart Are My Siamese: A Case Study

  1. Cats will always use their brains for evil, unless they’re hungry! It’s interesting to see the Siamese – my daughter keeps asking for one! Your two are sisters yes, so they’ve grown up together? We’d have to introduce ours (if we actually got one) to a moggy.

    I don’t know if I could deal with cats as smart as yours. I’m used to a dumb creature!

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    1. Yeah, our kitties are sisters. It’s nice having two cats that get along well. While both are pretty naughty, Rosalina can often be seen watching Carmelita get into trouble. She seems to be quite fascinated by her sister’s antics.

      Life is certainly never boring with Siamese around. Not a day goes by that they don’t do something ridiculous.

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