A Surprise from Beneath the Blanket: A Kitty Story

Seeing as our two Siamese kitten sisters, Rosalina and Carmelita, have proven to be an endless source of entertainment and silliness, I thought I’d write about another goofy story.  Since we’re currently living in a rental, we have a huge pile of boxes overtaking the dining area.  (Who uses dining rooms anyway when you can eat dinner on the couch in front of the TV…?)  And our cats love chewing on cardboard, so we have a blanket on two of the boxes to prevent our feisty felines from tugging on a few bits of cardboard that have become loose.  This story revolves around the fact that Rosie enjoys napping on this blanket and Carmelita’s obsession with going under blankets.

So Rosalina decided to lay down on her blanket for some relaxation time.  Carmelita, however, was nowhere to be found.  I started to hear this rustling noise, assuming it must be Carmelita.  But where could she be?  Well, all of a sudden, Rosie lifts into the air, swaying all about like she’s riding a raft on the high seas.  A head pops out from beneath the blanket, and it turns out that Rosie had laid down right on top of Carmelita!  Rosie took this as an opportunity to tackle Carmelita, who didn’t appreciate that at all, bursting from beneath the blanket moments later as Rosie chased after her.

As if the whole situation wasn’t amusing enough, Rosie returned to her blanket once their impromptu chase was over.  But this time, she was quite concerned that someone might be hiding under it again.  She started frantically patting at it, only to give up and leave when she couldn’t be certain she wouldn’t be surprised once more.  Fortunately, as of the following morning, she has since decided that her blanket is safe to use again.

As an unrelated side note (because I just like writing about my kitties), nearly every night before bed, Rosie manages to stop me before I enter my room for some much-needed attention.  Or, as has been the case lately, she doesn’t show up until after I’ve closed my bedroom door, causing her to wail loudly outside it until I’m inevitably drawn back out again.  This is when she’ll frequently place both paws on my chest to head butt me in the face and nibble on my chin.  She also chooses this time to sit on my lap, something she doesn’t really do during the daytime.  I suspect it’s just a way to prevent me from going to bed.

One time, she tried to get me to go downstairs.  She would walk away when I approached, and if I failed to follow, she would come back and meow, as if to say, “Don’t you understand?  Follow me.”  She tried this several times, probably assuming that I was just not understanding what she wanted.  I understood just fine.  I just didn’t feel like going downstairs.

Well, she has also started meowing outside my door in the mornings, too.  I often work on my computer in the morning, but I am often lured outside by her frequent beckoning because her weird, almost quack-like meows are just too adorable to ignore.  But sometimes when I come out to see her, she’ll just walk away, clearly not appreciating that I had to drop what I was doing in order to appease her.  So the other morning, I tried falling on the ground and laying there.  Within moments, her little head filled my vision as she sniffed at my face, curious as to what I was doing.

I tried this later in the day, and Rosie came over to investigate once more.  Carmelita didn’t, though.  I guess she didn’t care.

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