A Duck and an Octopus Visit Disneyland: A Quirky Dream

As the Fourth of July fireworks began to fade into the background and my mind, at long last, drifted off into slumber, I had a dream.  A silly dream.  A dream where I went to Disneyland with Zucker the octopus from Animal Crossing.

Okay, so I have a lot of dreams about Disneyland.  But every time, it always goes wrong in some way.  Perhaps I arrive too late to do anything fun or my favorite ride is closed.  Or I lose the people I’m with and can’t find them.  Or we stick together just fine, but no one wants to go on any of the rides, so I’m stuck doing absolutely nothing.  Well, in this dream, Disneyland was very different, with all these stalls selling food and trinkets.  I have had multiple dreams about one stall in particular that sells the most delicious ice cream in the world.  And I was looking for it.

But I didn’t find it.  Instead, I found myself way off course, outside an abandoned building just off the property.  Accompanying me is Zucker, an octopus who lives on my island in the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  Zucker is, frankly, adorable and my favorite character in the game (even rising through the ranks to beat out Ankha herself for first place in my heart).  This is the only positive aspect of the dream.  He looks just like he does in the game, and he’s probably three or four feet in height.  And he can talk, and his voice sounds like it does in the game, except he speaks actual words instead of gibberish.

So the only way to make our way through this massive complex of abandoned buildings is to go through them.  Though a few urban explorers have been spotted checking out the premises, abandoned buildings aren’t exactly the safest place for a duck such as myself, and an octopus, to go wandering alone.  But we have no choice.

We go inside, and it turns out the place was once an elementary school.  It has a whole bunch of large, interconnecting rooms, with many windows lining the walls.  Zucker, true to form, seems to be largely oblivious to the dangers involved, aside from a small amount of concern as is befitting such unexpected circumstances.  For some reason, I know we’re supposed to go west, so I announce that the sun, which is just starting to go down, sets in the west, so that is what we must follow.  We use the angle of the sunlight streaming through the many windows to get our bearings, and west we go, through room after room.

We finally arrive outside in a courtyard.  Inside the courtyard are dozens of small monkeys.  But I have a bad feeling that they aren’t friendly monkeys.  (This isn’t Donkey Kong, folks!  This is…more like that one weird Donkey Kong Country 3 level where monkeys throw coconuts at you!  Except without the coconuts or the throwing of objects!)  I start to lead Zucker through the mass of primates, trying my best to keep as much distance between us and them as possible.  Even though Zucker asks to feed them with the snack he’s been carrying around, I tell him no.  I don’t want to draw any more attention to us than we already have.  But the monkeys start to get aggravated.  They start to come towards us with bared teeth.  I tell Zucker to throw his food to them now, which distracts them long enough to make our escape.

We are forced to retreat back inside, but it’s not long before we’ve arrived outdoors once again, this time with the entrance to Disneyland in view.  Relieved at having survived our ordeal, it was time to go back inside the park and have some fun at last.  It’s just a shame my dream ended just when it was getting good.

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