The Great Grape Massacre of 2020

If you’ve been following along with the Duck’s blog for the past year, then you’ll know we got two Siamese kittens back in August of 2019.  They are now a little over a year old, but as naughty as ever.  At the moment, they seem to have a great obsession with getting on the kitchen counter, and no amount of discipline has yet been able to dissuade them.  The only positive aspect of this obvious lack of respect for rules and boundaries is that it has led to three rather humorous tales.

Carmelita was the first to explore the wild terrain that is the kitchen counter, being the larger of the two and hence, more capable of jumping to great heights.  Since we’re living in a rental, most of our things are packed, including our muffin tins.  Being the crafty people that we are, Mother Duck and I have simply settled for making a large loaf in a pan whenever the craving for muffins strikes us.  One day, we made a pan of blueberry…bread.  After having a few slices and leaving the rest on the counter, we hear a racket from behind us.  We enter the kitchen to inspect the source of the commotion.  Carmelita jumps down from the counter, and what do we find but the top layer of our muffin bread missing thanks to our not-so-Charmin’ Carmen stuffing her little furry face.

For a good many months following the muffin incident, our kitchen was actually free from strife…until Rosalina climbed a stepladder one fateful evening and, from her perch, discovered that a whole new world awaited her.  Ever since, she, too, has been jumping on the counter, and after realizing we are none too pleased about it, she mainly does it when we’re not around to say anything.  Not one to miss out on a good time, Carmelita has started jumping up there again, as well.

As such, we don’t know who’s responsible for this next pair of crimes.

One day, we leave a half-eaten clump of grapes sitting in a bowl on the counter.  We leave it overnight, and in the morning, every single grape is inexplicably missing.  Oh, the stem is there, largely intact.  It’s just the fruit that’s gone.  Not even one grape was found, most assuredly eaten by ravenous felines or rolled under the oven, where all lost foods go to live in dust and harmony.

Was it you, Carmelita?

The last incident was a bowl of Nerds.  Mother Duck covered the bowl of candy with plastic wrap and a box of Charleston Chews.  Another morning arrives, and tiny, colorful Nerds are scattered about.  Plenty remain in the bowl, but many were not so lucky.  We’re not sure which kitty did it, but one thing is for certain.

Or was it you, Rosie?

We’re clearly not allowed to use our own kitchen counter anymore.

6 thoughts on “The Great Grape Massacre of 2020

  1. For all that cats can’t taste sweet, they sure do love sweet things. I have to battle Garnet whenever I’m eating a dessert, and sometimes I’ll give her some whipped cream. Maybe they like the texture.

    As for keeping them off the counter, sticky tape might work! You get two sided tape and put it up there, and they hate the way it feels on their paws so they’ll (maybe) stay away. Sadly I’ve discovered there’s no way to really discipline cats. They have no idea why you’re mad if you yell at them…well, if you catch them in the act *maybe* It’s more like they just figure out how to do the thing without you catching them. You have to make the thing they want to do unpleasant but of course not painful for them, hence the sticky tape 🙂

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    1. We actually got these large sheets of double-sided tape a while back for preventing cats from going places they weren’t supposed to go. But then we moved, and now they’re packed, and we can’t find them. But something like that could certainly work. They’ve been behaving lately, but it might be a good idea if they start being naughty again….
      Thanks for the tip!

      I remember cats in the past used to try to steal vanilla ice cream or attempt to lick mango popsicles. In that case, I wonder if they like licking cold things?

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