A Decade of Blogging Well Spent

It suddenly occurred to me that my blog’s anniversary was coming up.  As I do every year, I sat down to write up my usual post on the topic.  And this is when I realized that this is a mighty big occasion indeed.  Ten years ago, on this very day, I started this blog here on WordPress!  Yes, the one you’re reading right now!  And today, on this most special of days, I’d like you to join me as we reminisce on what has taken place in all that time.

To start, I’d like to divulge a few details on why I started this blog in the first place.  It’s nothing too interesting, but…I think I was very lost in the world, and I just wanted to do…something.  I wanted to start a blog and just see if it went somewhere.  That’s kind of how I start a lot of hobbies.  In the end, I realize you need to start a project you’ll enjoy whether or not it ever takes off.  Thus far, none of my endeavors have earned me a single penny, but I’ve had fun doing them, so that’s what matters.

I have started, and stopped, and sometimes restarted a lot of things in this time.  I dabbled in some really cruddy drawing for a good several years, gave up seven years ago, and I’m back at it again, now with a couple years under my belt on Deviant Art.  Around the time I initially gave up on drawing, I took up writing again back in 2013, more recently taking my own advice when it comes to enjoying what you do.  Though I will never make money off of fan fiction, I gotta admit, writing about my favorite fictional characters is so much more fun than writing something original.   I’ve started original novels and comics, and I just didn’t enjoy them all that much.  Most of the time, I just can’t form a very strong attachment to my original characters.

Now I focus entirely on fan fiction, and I still love it.  I have actually written countless short stories and an entire Jak and Daxter novel of 219,000 words written in just over a year (May 17, 2013-August 24, 2014), which I may or may not rewrite someday.  Looking back, I bet it was pretty cringe-worthy.

More recently, I have been working on a Ratchet & Clank novel called Utopia that I started nearly six years ago on November 16, 2014!  It is 158,000 words so far, and though it is thus far shorter than the other novel, I have also been putting far more thought into it, hence the much longer timespan in which it has been worked on.  There were times I almost gave up, but I have returned to the story with a renewed passion because I’m seriously invested in the characters and the development they have gone through thus far.  If anyone’s interested, you can find it on my fanfiction.net account, though it may be a while before it’s complete….

Over seven years ago, I joined Hatm0nster of My Two Caps and Cary of Recollections of Play on a joint blogging venture all about video games called United We Game.  About four years ago, we started a YouTube channel to accompany our gaming blog, and we renamed ourselves Virtual Bastion in response to the realization that United We Game was actually a bit too common of a name.  Since we began, we have climbed to over 2000 subscribers on our blog and over 400 on YouTube!

We also finally got to visit Disneyland again after a decade-long hiatus, which included being present for the Haunted Mansion’s 50th anniversary and getting to experience a semi-recently opened Galaxy’s Edge.  I also attended several comic conventions and created costumes for five characters, Kefka from Final Fantasy VI, Ghirahim from Zelda: Skyward Sword, Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy, Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII, and my most ambitious one yet, Foxy the Pirate from Five Nights at Freddy’s!

As one would expect over the course of a decade-long timespan, not everything that took place was happy or productive.  Some dark things happened, too.  We lost several cats, a big, loving boy named Alexander who lived in four separate states, the brave and bold Manx named Arwen, and Elsa, a cat who was sweet like Alex, feisty like Arwen, and who would put her paw on my shoulder when she sensed I was upset.  The fourth loss was not a cat, but a popeyed goldfish named Peepers.

We also lost our home of 12 years due to an increase of crime in our neighborhood.  We’ve spent over half a year now living out of boxes in our rental, grateful for the safer surroundings, though admittedly, I’ve become less certain of our future than I was eight months ago.  While I had previously been certain we would have a home by the end of 2020, preferably one we would get to keep this time, I really have no idea now what the future holds.

On a more positive note, we simply adore our new Siamese kitten sisters, Rosalina and Carmelita, whom we adopted a little less than a year ago!  They’re some of the cutest, and feistiest, kitties of all time!

Carmelita on the left and Rosalina on the right. Both cute.

To close out this little journey over the past ten years, I thought I’d look back on two monumental posts, the very first one ever on this here blog and my one-year anniversary.  I mean, you guys can read them if you want, but there are two big takeaways I got from revisiting them.  One, my writing is about as lame as it’s ever been.  And two, I have grown from 8 subscribers to a whopping 479!  If that’s not a number bigger than 8, then I don’t know what is!

Before I go, I’d like to give a special thanks to Carl D’Agostino for being my very first subscriber that wasn’t family!  Go check out his blog!  His little cartoons are delightful!

So that’s all for now, dear readers!  It’s been a long and fruitful ten years, filled with sadness and excitement and new hobbies and a revival of the old.  I can only hope the next ten years will be worth remembering!

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

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