Practicing the Rubber Hose Art Style with Cuphead

G’day, everyone, I’ve got a new set of fan art to share with you all!  Earlier this year, I finally got around to playing the immensely popular Cuphead.  You know, that super difficult game that was drawn in the classic rubber hose art style from the 1930’s?  Well, as I so often do when I enjoy a game, I decided to draw some fan art and, while I was at it, get a little bit of experience drawing in a totally new art style I had never tried before.

I actually had a poll on DeviantArt asking people which characters they’d like to see.  I didn’t get too many responses, but two people picked Grim Matchstick, and one vote each went to Cagney Carnation and the Blind Specter from the Phantom Express, in that order.  The very first choice was my own, however, and that was Hilda Berg.  (Would you believe it, but no one voted for the mermaid Cala Maria.  And I thought she was popular….)

Hilda Berg, the “threatenin’ zeppelin” herself
Grim Matchstick, everyone’s favorite shy dragon
Cagney Carnation, the angriest flower I ever did see
And the Phantom Express’ very own Blind Specter!

I had a good time indeed drawing these characters.  The rubber hose style is so fun and easy because of how flexible and dynamic the characters are.  (I don’t need to know proper anatomy because my characters are lacking knees and elbows!)  I’m especially proud of Grim Matchstick and his “sneezy” expression.  It started out as a more subdued sneeze, but then I asked myself, how can I exaggerate this?  And so, I drew his nostrils stretched out and one eye jutting forth from his noggin in a manner that would probably be quite unhealthy were he not a cartoon character.

I tried new shading techniques, too.  Not sure how they turned out…

Since drawing this newest set of characters, I already feel like I’ve improved at drawing in any style, particularly in the area of facial expressions.  I’m still considering whether or not I’ll do another poll for a whole new group of characters or if I’ll just take a break from Cuphead fan art entirely and focus on something else.  Either way, I think this was a productive learning experience indeed, and my drawing should be all the better for it.

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