100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 26: Tears

Today’s theme is tears, and I’ve been thinking a lot on this one, as I didn’t know how to write about tears without being depressing.  We’ve all had sad experiences in our lives, so who wants to rehash them?  But sometimes, ironically enough, being sad is sometimes a pleasant experience, a good way to release emotions and end up feeling happier as a result.  To quote Sally Sparrow from my favorite Dr. Who episode Blink, sad is “happy for deep people”.  So in today’s post, I thought I’d list a few of my favorite sad things.

Final Fantasy X – The ending, which I can’t spoil, gets me every time.  But Yuna’s acceptance of her own impending sacrifice for the greater good is pretty sad, too.  That’s why, with the exception of Final Fantasy VII, this game is my favorite of the series.

Hoshi no Kaabii Episodes 41 and 42, Mabel’s Big Prediction – Yes, a two-part episode of the Kirby anime is on my list.  But it’s seriously sad.  A huge asteroid is about to destroy Cappy Town, and it’s a surprisingly dark episode for such a normally bright and cheerful show.  Everyone was confessing to each other bad things they had done before it was too late, and watching a character like King Dedede have to come to terms with his very imminent death was just weird and depressing.  Definitely my favorite episodes of the series because I’m a dark, dark person sometimes!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – My favorite Zelda game is naturally one of the darkest entries in the series.  In this game, the moon is going to fall in three days, killing off everyone in the land of Termina if you don’t stop it.  There is also a Game Theory that suggests this game might represent the five stages of grief (like another game on this list).  Clock Town represents denial, as there are people who don’t believe the moon is really going to fall.  Woodfall, along with its furious Deku, willing to punish a monkey they falsely believe kidnapped the princess, is anger.  Bargaining can be found in Snowhead, where the ghost of the Goron Darmani can find peace if you take his place and save his people from freezing.  Lulu in Great Bay represents depression, as she has lost her voice after the kidnapping of her eggs.  And Stone Temple is acceptance, the land that most represents death.

Hollow Knight – Unlike Majora’s Mask, where everyone is going to die, in Hollow Knight, everyone already is dead.  How’s that for sad?  Okay, not everyone, but you do explore the lost kingdom of Hollownest, where everyone has been corrupted by an infection that has reduced the bug population to mindless husks.  Also, the titular Hollow Knight is a pretty tragic character indeed.

GRISGRIS is a beautiful little game that artistically explores the five stages of grief.  Try finishing it without shedding a tear.  I dare you.

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