Three Random Tails About Carmelita

Good day, everyone!  I always like to write about interesting things that have happened, both for sharing with you all and for myself to read about years down the road.  And before I forget, I’d like to share a few silly stories about one of our two Siamese kittens, Carmelita.  Rosalina, being the friendlier of the two, gets a lot of attention, and sometimes it’s good to focus especially on our dear Charmin’ Carmen.

1: Towel Tussle

Let me start by telling you guys that Carmelita often grows quite frustrated with Rosie’s antics.  Rosie has the rather bad habit of stealing Carmelita’s toys, even if she has a toy of her own to play with.  Well, this first story focuses on another reason why Carmelita might find Rosie to be a nuisance.  In our previous house, we had towels on the smaller couch to prevent the cats from scratching it up.  (It’s a really pretty tropical couch that isn’t easy to replace.  We already had to cover the cushions of the big couch with slipcovers to prevent them from taking further damage.)

The towels in question…and the kitties we have to protect them from

Back then, Carmelita enjoyed crawling under the towels.  It was quite cute, even though it defeated the purpose of using the towels to protect our couch to begin with.  But one day, Rosie saw this lump moving around under the towels and pounced on it.  Carmelita, shocked and dismayed by this sudden turn of events, started meowing quite loudly in a distressed sort of way.  Only after we had unwrapped her from the towels did she manage to compose herself.

2: Trapped by the Cardboard Taco

In our rental, we store a lot of unused boxes in our spare bedroom, where rests the futon and a small TV where I now play my video games because, with two very feisty kitten sisters around, I can’t really leave my things in the living room unsupervised anymore.  We had one large wardrobe box behind the futon, all folded up and kind of resembling a large cardboard taco.

Carmelita enjoys sneaking into rooms she has no right being in, and she managed to get into the futon room against my will.  And that is when karma struck.  Carmen jumped onto the futon and over the back of it in my efforts to nab her, and that is when she landed inside the “box taco”.  Unable to gain a foothold against the smooth cardboard, she was effectively stuck until I moved a heavy table and pulled the box free from behind the futon just far enough that I could grab her and pull her to safety.  Interestingly enough, she never made a peep during my rescue efforts.  Perhaps she was confident I would make short work of freeing her?

Not related to the story. Just cute

3: What a Nice Necklace

Our final tale involves a large paper bag that we use to put our recyclables in.  It has two handles sticking out the top.  Well, somehow Carmelita got her head stuck in one of these handles when the bag was empty.  In true cat style, she proceeded to run in panic, the bag following behind her until she managed to rip free everything but the bag handle.  After she had calmed down, I managed to find her underneath a table with the bag handle hanging from her neck like a large necklace.  I managed to free her, and ever since then, we have been cutting off the bag handles so that our silly kitties can’t get stuck.

7 thoughts on “Three Random Tails About Carmelita

  1. I feel like there’s a universal rule that if one has two cats, one will be calmer and one will be feistier. You’d think the younger one would be the latter, but not in my case. Cid is almost a senior and he’s the one that annoys Garnet. I wish I had the energy of a kitten. The do tend to mellow with age, but some cats remain kittens forever. I don’t even need to say how adorable they both are ♥

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    1. Quite true! The previous time we had two cats, it was Alex and Arwen. Alex was a big, calm kitty, and Arwen was a feisty Manx with a stub for a tail. She bugged poor Alex all the time, though years prior, he was the one who chased Timmy all over the house.

      Not sure if our current cats will ever calm down, as Siamese are known for being energetic. But they’re a lot of fun, even if they can be trouboemakers. Rosie is currently in a phase where she steals trash right from the can…. And thanks, they are quite adorable indeed!

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      1. My Kin-mei was mostly Siamese and he was similar. He didn’t really calm down per se until he was sick. They’re also REALLY intelligent. I can’t tell you how many times he outwitted both me and my husband. He managed to solve a treat puzzle box in a way unintended by the makers lol. We were dealing with a superior intellect ♥

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      2. It didn’t take long for our Siamese to understand how doorknobs work. Fortunately, our rental has more difficult doorknobs to grasp than our old house, because otherwise I think they’d be able to open the doors by now. Carmelita is constantly reaching for the doorknob in an effort to open the door to my room. And I can’t forget the time Rosie watched me flush a toilet. Right after, she reached for the toilet knob, as if she was trying to flush it herself. It was so cute.

        Siamese are such a treat to have around. Luckily, it makes up for how naughty they are!

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      3. I think they’re so naughty because they’re super smart and they know it lol. I have a video of Kin-mei attempting to and eventually succeeding in opening a plastic container of cupcakes. He was DEDICATED. He was also highly food motivated. He used to send Cid up to the counter to get stuff while he acted as lookout. I couldn’t be mad at him for outsmarting me. How could I? If you get the better of me intellectually, I have no one to blame but myself 😀

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      4. For a while, the cats had a diabolical way of waking me up. They’d meow at my door at night, and when I didn’t let them in, they’d go downstairs and start messing with the blinds directly under my room. It was so noisy! Siamese kitties are such brats, and I love them for it!

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