Hollow Knight Color Palettes

In the past, I had seen some artists on DeviantArt try their hand at using color palettes to color their pictures.  It looked like a rather fun, little challenge, so I hunted down those color palettes myself in order to try out some of my own.  I had recently played Hollow Knight, and due to the game’s unique art style, I thought it would be a great choice for some color palette goodness!

I ended up making five pictures, which are compiled below.  The order in which they were completed was clockwise, starting at the upper left, with the central picture being my final attempt (the characters pictured are: Hornet, Grimm, Quirrel, the unnamed Knight/player character, and Hollow Knight himself).  This ended up being excellent practice, granting me a better understanding of what colors look nice together and helping me to improve my background skills.  Backgrounds were always a weakness of mine, and I think it’s rather clear that I’ve gotten better just in these few attempts.

When I was working on these pictures, I spent so much time just trying to choose the right color palette, and I would end up with a zillion different variations that all looked so promising.  Eventually, I’d manage to narrow them down to my top three picks before settling on the final color palette.  Below you can see my top three choices for the Knight.

They’re all so perty…

If anyone is interested, you can find these color palettes on DeviantArt at this link.  You can also see the full pictures on my DeviantArt page.  They have done quite well in terms of favorites, with the Knight (bottom left) being the most popular and Hollow Knight (middle) being the second most popular (which is probably the order I myself would have put them).  I think there’s a good chance I’ll end up doing more of these in the future.  Until then, I’ll have to put my newfound coloring skills to good use.

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