The Duck’s Greatest Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter coming up, I thought I’d share with you all a memory that began on Easter Sunday many years ago.  When I was a duckling, we were living in a townhouse for…a few months to a year.  I can’t really remember.  But what I do remember is that they had a really fun Easter egg hunt for all the little kids living there, duckling or otherwise.  And this particular Easter egg hunt came with the potential for special prizes…

While the Duck often claims that I have terrible luck and never win anything, I was very lucky on this particular Easter Sunday.  If you managed to find select special eggs hidden around the premises, you would win a special prize.  Perhaps they had enough of these scattered around so that every kid could win something.  Who knows.  But I found one of those eggs, and I won a nifty little kite that looked like an eagle.

I saved that kite for years because I was afraid of damaging my very special prize.  One day, however, one of my friends and I were flying an ordinary kite in the large field behind our house.  (It was atop an unnaturally perfect oval hill.  I suspect our neighborhood was built around the site of a landfill, and we were all none the wiser….)  Anyway, I ended up deciding this was a great time to fly my special eagle kite.  I had never seen it fly before, and I assumed it would be a grand sight indeed.

I got the kite out of its packaging and was just about ready to head outside when disaster struck.  At the time we had a big shy kitty named Alexander.  He was afraid of pretty much everything and had been known to jump great distances into the air when people approached him with boots.  Today, he got his foot caught in the string of my kite and proceeded to zoom all over the house in terror.  Once we had finally gotten him free of the kite, it had been utterly destroyed, not unlike the Pikachu balloon I had gotten for my birthday.

So yeah, I never once got to fly my prized kite, which was really disappointing as a duckling, but kind of funny when I look back on it.  It just goes to show…you should probably just enjoy things while you have them because you never know what might happen!

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay 

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