Life Update: Empty Grocery Stores and Cuddly Kitties

Hope everyone’s doing well.  Now that we’re several weeks into this COVID-19 thing, I can’t get over how quickly and unexpectedly life can change.  One moment, our top goal in life is to find a new home so we can move out of our rental.  The next, we’re discouraged from even leaving the house, let alone the whole state, and our top struggle is finding toilet paper rather than a new home.

If you happen to live in one of the many countries where “panic buying” has become common, then this sight below has probably become the norm for you.  Yes, we simply had to take photos in the grocery store for the sake of remembering these crazy times and how very bare the grocery store shelves were.

No soup for you!
Where’s the beef?

Fortunately, we managed to scrounge up enough stuff to get us by for the time being.  We have some new foods in the pantry that we’ve never tried before because you just have to get whatever you can find.  So that could be fun?  Despite the craziness that’s been going on all over the United States and the world at large, we’re all doing relatively well, and everyone is staying healthy.

We’ve always been the type to prefer staying home, so at least that hasn’t been a problem.  Plus, we’ve got two insanely cuddly kitties to keep us company (in the banner image above, Carmelita is on the left and Rosaline is on the right).  Carmelita is the master of headbutts, and Rosie keeps me from going to bed at a normal hour each night because she ambushes me on the way to my room and wants lots of attention.  And how can I refuse?  Lately, she’s also been in the habit of crawling into my lap a lot, too, so I’m really her prisoner.

Charlotte with her new neighbors, Agnes the pig and Lyman the koala

Another great way to spend our time is with the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch.  It’s been great fun, and I’ve been recording the occasional episode for our Virtual Bastion YouTube channel.  My character’s name is Charlotte, and her island is called Quackville.  I’ve grown quite fond of playing the Switch in handheld mode, during which Rosie cuddles next to me, Carmelita usually a short distance away, as she is the shyer of the two (though she has been known to snooze in our laps for long stretches, as well).

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

Well, that’s about it for updates.  Just thought I should let you guys know what I was up to during the virus craziness.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and good luck on finding toilet paper!

3 thoughts on “Life Update: Empty Grocery Stores and Cuddly Kitties

  1. Glad you’re able to stay safe and yeah…the grocery stuff is bananas. I haven’t been to one since my husband does all the shopping. I’m being extra careful because of my asthma et al, and I’m lucky enough that I can work from home. My kitties have been adorably insufferable. They want to go out on the balcony, but we don’t have a screen to keep out bugs, and since it’s been getting warmer they’re increasing. I’m also terrified of these murder hornets I’m hearing about, so yeah, so open doors for us until we get our new mesh screen in the mail lol.

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    1. Going to the grocery store was kind of surreal at first, with the empty shelves and overhead announcements talking about the virus. I’ve already gotten used to it, though, and we’ve been lucky enough to get most things we need, with some compromises. I find it kind of interesting to see which things get sold out. For example, people bought all of the normal potato chips, but no one wanted the ruffle variety. I also had to get shrimp ramen instead of chicken, but nothing has been a big deal so far, luckily.

      I’m rather worried about those murder hornets, too. They look absolutely horrifying! I saw a huge bee like that a long time ago when I was a kid. I wonder what it was….

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      1. So my hubs has been doing the shopping, and in our area people are being smart: wearing masks and gloves and following the guidelines. But when he went to the story in his parents’ area and not only was NO ONE wearing masks (except for the story staff), people actively smirked at him for doing so. It’s like…WUT? I have trouble wearing the mask because my breathing is already bad and it’s hard to get air through it. Thankfully, I’ve only had to drop him off and pick him up from the mechanic for his car inspection. I didn’t really run into anyone, but I wanted to take precautions in case I did.

        We just got the screen in the mail! It’s too cold to open the door now because we’re having snow storms in May. It hasn’t snowed here, but it IS really cold, but once it gets nicer, we’ll put it up so the cats can enjoy the balcony.

        If I saw one of those hornets, I think I would literally die lol.

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