Banjo-Kazooie Plush, Hollow Knight Pins, and More Random Goodness

The Duck is a big fan of collecting things, be it pins, Funko figures, plushies, and more.  Silly though it may be, I really like collecting items revolving around some of my favorite things, namely video games and Disney.  My collecting in the former category has gotten a lot more interesting ever since I discovered a really awesome website called Fangamer.  (Sponsor me, Fangamer!)  They seem to specialize in games that are well-loved, but which have a smaller presence, if that makes sense.  I mean, if you scrounge around, you might find a Mario or Zelda-related item, but games like Okami or Hollow Knight have their own categories and thus, a much larger emphasis.

What also makes Fangamer unique is all the extras you can get.  T-shirts often come with a bonus sticker or button, and every order comes with an extra sticker and/or button and little postcard-sized piece of gaming-related artwork.  In this manner, I have collected some rather fun little free items, like some Kirby art and some Zelda buttons.  And a whole bunch of stickers featuring Undertale’s annoying dog.  They send me that one quite a lot.  They have also had great customer service so far.  They once accidentally sent me a Papyrus plush, and when I contacted them, they sent me back an envelope, free of charge, for me to send it back.  (When Disney sent me a broken Jim Shore figure, I got no such courtesy.  Their mistake cost us a pretty penny to return.)

During my most recent visit, the site seems like it’s much bigger than it used to be because there are way more categories now than I remember.  I was actually perusing the website in search of some Hollow Knight merchandise (my copy of the game came with a 15% off code…which I eventually noticed expired months ago…) when I discovered a brand new Banjo-Kazooie section!  The first thing that caught my eye was a Banjo and Kazooie plush set.  (By the way, these are now being sold on Amazon for $150.  If you’re interested, you should really just buy this from Fangamer for $36.)

Okay, enough rambling.  Let’s just get to the point of this post already, sharing with you all the cool stuff that I got.  First of all, yes, I got the Banjo and Kazooie plushies, plus the Yooka and Laylee plushies because they pretty much have to go together, so I technically had no choice!  They are both so cute, quite large, and I love that the characters can be separated from each other.  Laylee can attach to Yooka’s head via magnets, though it took me a while to locate them.  Yooka’s are towards the back of his head, where you can feel these round, flat areas.  Laylee’s are in the claws in the middle section at the top of her wings.  You can’t feel them, but that’s the only spot that would stick to Yooka’s noggin.

Yooka and Laylee, just chillin’
Watch out, Yooka! Laylee bites!

As for Banjo and Kazooie, Banjo’s backpack can open and close thanks to some Velcro, but I can’t really get Kazooie to go inside past her knees.  Her legs are pretty stiff, so I can’t really figure out how to stuff her in there as is shown in the photo on their website.  They’re still super cute, though, even if Kazooie has to just kind of stand in Banjo’s backpack and peek over his head….  Oh, and I forgot, but you can pose Kazooie’s and Laylee’s wings, which is pretty neat!

Bear and bird, in my crimson chair of redness
Maybe Kazooie can’t fit into Banjo’s backpack anymore because she’s gained weight…. Don’t tell her I said that.

I also got the Banjo-Kazooie Freezeezy scarf, which is also very cute.  It has all these fun, little patterns on it (like Jiggies, snowflakes, and even Banjo and Kazooie themselves) and is the only item I bought that serves a practical purpose, so that’s nice.

This side says stuff.
This side doesn’t say stuff.

In a totally separate order, I decided to be naughty and return to Fangamer for some pins.  I got four pins of my favorite characters from Hollow Knight (the nameless player character, Hornet, Quirrel, and Grimm), plus a pin with Rareware’s logo because, as the creators of Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie, Rareware will always have a special place in my heart, and I love them.  Also included in the photo below are the two postcards I got and two stickers, the latter of which both happened to feature Hollow Knight characters, Hornet and the grubs!  How fun!

Assorted goodness

The rest of my Fangamer goodness is packed up in boxes, so hopefully I can eventually show you guys the other things I’ve gotten in the future.  In the meantime, it’s nice to have Banjo, Kazooie, Yooka, and Laylee around to brighten up my room.  It’s hard for a rental to feel like home, so their presence helps to cheer things up a bit.

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