Drawing Vin 7 Years Later

Behold, another drawing comparison!  I love doing these, as it’s a great way to see how much I’ve improved over the years.  It’s also a bit painful to see how horrid my old pictures are….  Anyway, this is a comparison of two drawings I made of Vin from Jak II, which were drawn 7 years apart!

Way back in 2013, I had this plan where I would draw and ink a full page of drawings for a single character and color at least some of it in colored pencil.  I thought I’d be able to create pictures quicker this way than I could on the computer.  (This idea only resulted in two full pages’ worth of characters, one for Vin and one for Tinkerbell, which I made for Mother Duck, before I ultimately gave up on drawing entirely for four years!)  Never plan on returning to that idea again because, let’s face it, my pictures look way better when done digitally.

The old Vin fills me with shame….

So aside from the huge difference in how these pictures were created, you have also assuredly noticed than Vin from 2013 looks kind of…weird.  Way back then, I was not good at drawing people.  I didn’t have a firm grasp on how to make faces actually resemble the person I was drawing, and all my characters looked unrecognizable until their hair and other distinguishing characteristics were added.  When I was practicing drawing Vin recently, however, I had improved so much that he looked like Vin even before I added his hair!  My sketch might have been bald at the moment, but darn it, it really looked like Vin!  I was so proud!

I also drew him with glasses instead of the goggles he wears in the game so that you can see his eyes and so that he could look a tad more expressive.  Even if the only expression you really want to draw for Vin to properly capture his personality is “worried”.  For whatever reason, he firmly believes that “the whole world” is out to get him, and I guess that’s as good a reason as any to feel perpetually anxious.

Anyway, I think he turned out pretty okay, even if his eyes are pretty big and cartoony.  I kind of intended it that way to better fit the aesthetic of the Jak and Daxter games, but it makes the proportions of his face kind of wonky.  Still working on backgrounds, too.  I’m not the best when it comes to those….  (Oh, I almost forgot.  I got way better at drawing the folds in clothing, too.  It’s still so hard to get right, though!)

And if you’re interested, I’ve also made comparison posts for an original character named Gretchen and for Rouge the Bat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.  You can find these, and pictures like it, on my Deviant Art page!

4 thoughts on “Drawing Vin 7 Years Later

  1. Hey! I’ve read your book on Fanfiction.com, and it was great! I never cry, and I was silently bawling my eyes out… under my blanket… at three am… reading it without my mom knowing. The pic was amazing! (I also like Vin, but Gol is oh, so slightly better) you should do one of Gol and Maia as well! Keep up the good job!


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