The Case of the Collapsing Bed

I have a rather amusing situation to share with you guys that happened shortly after moving into our rental.  Within the first week or so, we had become a bit nervous because, every evening, around the same time, there would be a loud bang on our front door.  Never finding anyone there when we peeked through the window, we began setting up cameras around the house.  Despite the extra security, we still felt pretty nervous.

Well, it is about 4 AM one night, and the Duck is awakened by a thud as my entire bed shifts.  Disoriented and confused, I begin to realize I am now attempting to sleep at quite a steep angle because one corner of the bed was touching the floor.  Apparently the movers had not put it back together correctly (which, after they broke a lamp and tried to hide it from us, was not a huge surprise), so one corner of the bedframe had become loose.

Trying to figure out my new sleeping arrangement, I text Mother Duck that I need help with my bed (not sure why I didn’t just go and tell her in person, but it was 4 AM, and I wasn’t thinking straight).  And this is where my first paragraph comes in.  Already nervous about the creepy noises we had been hearing, Mother Duck had been awoken by the loud thump of my bed falling.  Checking her phone, the first thing she sees is a text asking for help.  Failing to read the rest of the text, Mother Duck assumed that someone had broken into the house.  Fortunately, her terror was short-lived when she finished the text and realized what had really happened.

We tried and failed to figure out how to fix the bedframe that night, and I spent the rest of the night in the middle of my bedroom floor where the mattress had been relocated.  The bed was fixed that morning, though, as you might imagine, I was quite weary about sleeping on it for quite some time after that.  We have still not figured out the source of the loud thuds on our front door, however, which still continue to this day.  I suppose some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved….

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