The Duck Dreams of Dastardly Tap Water?!

That’s right, another post about the Duck’s weird dreams.  This first one was a few weeks ago.  In this dream, normally peaceful animals were turning violent, both wild ones and pets alike.  I remember being outside seeing a squirrel running around in a very agitated fashion indeed.  It was actually kind of creepy.  (You see that squirrel in the banner image?  Don’t trust it!)

I went home (it was actually a totally different house from what I’ve ever lived in), and I learned from my parents (who were also different people, strangely enough) that there was something toxic in the tap water that was corrupting all the animals.  It only affected animals, not people, but we still didn’t want to use tap water to wash our hands or anything because our pets could be infected if so much as a drop of water landed on them.  So while we could simply drink bottled water, we weren’t sure how easily we could wash clothes or dishes, since that would require larger quantities of untainted water.

Well, my two kittens Rosalina and Carmelita were around, and I stupidly used water from the sink to wash something.  I was terrified the cats would get wet and would become violent, but luckily, I managed to dry my hands enough that there was no longer any danger.  Fortunately, that unsettling dream ended moments later.

The second dream happened the night of 1/15/20.  For whatever reason, I have had a recurring dream about a mall.  And in that mall are usually several things.  A really good sandwich place, a bakery that sells really fantastic rugelach (or rainbow cookies), and a video game store that sells all kinds of cool video game figurines.  All three are things I like, but to have frequent dreams about some of my favorite foods and hobbies…I know, it’s rather odd, to say the least.

Well, in this particular version of the dream, the sandwich place also doubled as the bakery.  I decided to visit it one day, but it was a bit different than usual.  There was a huge line due to its popularity, and everyone had to make their own sandwich as they moved along the line.  Well, I was so focused on that rugelach that I completely forget about my sandwich and was merely seeking out my favorite dessert.  It turns out, they didn’t have it that day, and I had to settle for some other little pastry that was similar, but not quite what I was looking for.  At the end of the line, I met the woman who owned the bakery, and I told her how great her baking was.  And that was about it.

Hmm, perhaps next time I have this dream, the rugelach will be there….

Photo by Nicola Nuttall on Unsplash

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