Updates on Rosie, Carmelita…And I Guess Me, Too

I think it’s been a while since I last updated you guys about my two new kittens, Carmelita and Rosalina.  One notable change is how much louder they are.  Even as I type this, Rosalina is yelling at me even though lunch is 20 minutes away!  Seriously, these are very talkative kitties.  Carmelita still has a loud, normal meow, while Rosalina has a weird meow that sounds more like a duck quacking.  Except it’s way louder and more frequent now.  I find it hilarious that such an adorable kitty has such an ugly sounding meow!

Okay, now Carmelita is yelling at me to feed her.  You’ve got 15 minutes left!  Just wait!

Both cats are much bigger now, too.  Carmelita has actually become very heavy despite being lean in appearance and has reached 9 pounds, while Rosalina is still very light and tiny, at only 6 pounds.  And…Rosalina just brought me a toy.  As you might be starting to understand, getting anything done with these kitties around is next to impossible, leaving me with no choice but to close the door if I ever wish to work on my computer in peace.

And now she’s climbed up onto my chair with me and is playing with a pink spring toy.

Yeah, Rosie and Carmelita are both super needy, but super sweet kitties who love nothing more than playing and snuggling and getting lots and lots of attention.  They also have various new nicknames.  Rosie’s is Rosie-Posie-Nosey-Pantyhosey.  Yeah, it’s a long one.  And Carmelita is Charmin’ Carmen, Caramelita (like caramel…), and Carmesan.  (You know, like Parmesan.  It doesn’t have to make sense….)  I’ve been taking lots of pictures, so it’s been fun looking back on photos from just a few months ago and seeing how much they’ve grown up and changed.

Super young Rosie
Super young Carmelita, with Rosie in the background

They’ve changed in more than just appearance and noise level, too, as Carmelita has become super sweet and affectionate, which is especially interesting because she was quite shy when we first got her.  I guess it just took her some time to get used to us.  Both are super soft, too, but Carmelita’s fur didn’t start out that way.  When we first got her, her fur was a bit bristly like my grandparents’ Siamese, so I assumed it was normal.  Turns out, that is also a possible symptom of worms, and after we cured Carmelita of the worms she caught at the pet store, her fur became a lot softer.  Each kitty also has their own person to cuddle with.  Rosie prefers Mother Duck’s lap, while Carmelita prefers mine.

At the moment, Carmelita is playing in the blankets of my bed, while chasing her own tail.

Carmelita on her favorite pile of boxes

As for the non-kitty members of the family, we’ve been working on packing the remaining loose items that we don’t currently need.  We’re still not quite sure where we’re going, but we want to be ready before our lease runs out (our final day is actually Halloween).  One of our toilets has recently become a bit sketchy to use, but we have two that work fine, so we’re waiting on getting it fixed.  The rental is in poor condition, and we want to make appointments to fix only the most vital of issues (we already had a different toilet fixed and the washing machine had to be repaired after it was spewing soapy water).

I’m serious, this place is pretty rough.  We had a light switch buzz the other day for no discernable reason other than we clicked on its partner.  Luckily, we got it to stop, but we don’t plan on using it ever again.  The smoke detector also goes off outside the bathroom if you take a shower and don’t close the door fast enough when leaving the room.

Still haven’t identified the…interesting smell in the pantry, either….

Of course, though I don’t like some of these issues, the rental’s just temporary, but I do so look forward to having a home again, preferably before the year is up.  My stuff has only been packed for two months so far, and I already miss it!  Fortunately, I have plenty of ways to keep busy and make the time go by faster.  I had a backlog of approximately…80 YouTube videos that I needed to edit?  Now I only have about 20 left.  It’ll sure be nice to be caught up again!

Rosie, the amazing quacking cat

Now Rosie is on my bed, wrapped in blankets, while playing with her tail.  …Okay, and now she is completely under the blankets now.  She’s adorable.  Bye for now, everyone!  I’ve got some feisty kitties to supervise!

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