Listmas 2019 Ducket-List

A fairly recent tradition here on the Duck’s blog is my yearly “duck-et list”.  This year’s list is going to contain a lot of similar topics to the one I wrote back in 2018, as many of my goals have either still not been met or are ongoing and will never truly be considered complete.  Plus, I moved recently, so I’ve got a rather serious life goal in mind, as well….

Visit Disney World: Let’s start with a topic from last year.  I haven’t been to Disney World in well over ten years, and I would love to go again, preferably to visit every park, including the two I’ve never been to before, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Nintendo Land: I still really want to visit the whole Harry Potter-themed land in Universal Studios.  But with Nintendo Land in the works, I might as well wait until that land is completed and check them both out together.

Reach 400 Subscribers on YouTube: Virtual Bastion’s YouTube channel has been growing quite slowly over the years, but we’ve been starting to grow a bit faster in recent months.  We’ve almost reached 300, and I hope that we can at least reach 350…you know what, let’s aim higher!  400!  I want to reach 400!  With the way YouTube’s been changing recently, the fate of our channel is kind of uncertain, but we might as well remain positive for the time being….

Make Substantial Progress on Utopia: I have been slowly inching my way through a Ratchet & Clank novel called Utopia.  I really love this story, but I’ve been working on it so slowly.  I really need to force myself to sit down and start working on it again.  You see, I have a problem with nitpicking at my stories, which makes it much harder for them to ever see the light of day….

Finish 1000-Piece Ravensburger Puzzle: I have this 1000-piece Ravensburger puzzle called Flirtatious that shows a girl in the woods.  I’ve owned it for years, and I still haven’t even opened the box.  I’d really like to start it soon…and finish it once and for all!

Get Sir Daniel Fortesque Figure from Level52 Studios: Okay, so after finishing the PS4 remake of MediEvil, I fell in love with the game, along with its protagonist, Sir Daniel Fortesque, a skeleton knight…who just happens to be missing his lower jaw and is completely underserving of his hero status.  As I was perusing the Internet, I discovered a delightful little tidbit…you can pre-order this super cool figure of Sir Daniel from Level52 Studios!  Not only does Dan himself just look pretty awesome, but to top it off, he also appears to be completely oblivious to the zombie he’s currently stepping on.  (Silly Dan, you adorable skelly, you!)  Problem is…it just happens to be a measly…cough, hack, excuse me…$250!  (Cue heart attack)  Obviously, that is far too much money to splurge on a figurine of all things!  That may be the bad news, but the good news is I recently got some freelance web/graphic design work that can earn me some extra money, so perhaps I’m not being all that irresponsible, after all.  I’ve already earned $60, so that’s a good start!

Get a Forever Home: Now this one is the most serious.  I’ve been moving since I was 7, for one reason or another, and never being able to “set down roots”, so to speak, has been rather hard.  Most recently, I was forced from my home of 12 years because the crime in my neighborhood became too dangerous to ignore.  Before my 1-year lease is up on my rental, I really need to find a permanent home.  I need some stability in my life.  I need a home that I know is truly mine.  If no other goal is met in the next year, nay, the next decade, this is the one I need most!

Before I end this, I should list really quickly my 2018 goals that I did manage to accomplish:

  • Yes, I did finally get both the Brer Rabbit/Brer Bear Splash Mountain Funko and the Haunted Mansion model…Disneyland-style! They’re both so cool!
  • I also kind of attended a Halloween Party of sorts at Disneyland, as I got to attend the Haunted Mansion 50th anniversary. It wasn’t technically a Halloween Party (heck, it was in early August!), but I think it counts.
  • I also started commissions on DA. Haven’t gotten asked to do any yet, but commissions are now open.
  • And I finally got to ride Splash Mountain. It was terrifying!

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