Listmas 2019: Amusement Parks I’ve Visited

Since most of my Listmas topics revolve around gaming, a topic largely reserved for Virtual Bastion, I sometimes have a bit of trouble thinking up Listmas topics to discuss here on my own, personal blog.  Scratching my head and thinking long and hard, I thought it might be fun to list the amusement parks I’ve visited over the years.  Because why not?  So, in no particular order…

Disneyland: I’m starting with Disneyland, since this one should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been following my blog for any length of time.  I love Disneyland, and I’ve been there several times over the course of my lifetime.  The first time, I was too young to remember.  The most recent visit…the Haunted Mansion’s 50th anniversary!

Disney California Adventure: To go along with Disneyland, I also visited DCA once.  That was over ten years ago, before Pixar Pier existed.  We didn’t really do all that much, mainly that Soarin’ ride and a Muppets shows and Bug’s Life show.  Those latter two took place when dad left with a relative to ride California Screamin’, since Mother Duck and I were too afraid of roller coasters.  I sometimes want to visit again, but our trips to Disneyland are usually infrequent and short, and we’d rather spend our time in Disneyland if our time is limited….

Magic Kingdom: I only visited the Magic Kingdom once and would love to go again.  Our visit was a long time ago, and I barely remember it.  Except we visited that Alien Encounter attraction, which Mother Duck insisted wouldn’t be scary despite the sign warning us that it was….

Epcot: We visited Epcot several times in the past, many years ago (before the Frozen ride, to give you an idea).  While I would have, personally, preferred the Magic Kingdom, Epcot was pretty fun and relaxing, even though we never did any of the rides.  In all honesty, I didn’t even know the whole future section existed until recently, since we spent all our time perusing the World Showcase.  Every time we went, Mother Duck and I would get a chocolate croissant in Norway.  It was so delicious!

Hershey Park: I went to Hershey Park several times a long time ago when I was young.  Once, I even went with a friend’s family, probably my first miniature trip without my parents.  It was always such a fun place to visit, and I remember there was a roller coaster I always loved riding back when I was braver about those kinds of things.  I think it was called Trailblazer.  On second thought, it was the only roller coaster that wasn’t terrifying.  The old wooden coaster I rode with my dad was absolutely horrifying, though.  As was Tidal Force, which is basically Splash Mountain…if you get rid of everything but the awful drop at the end.

King’s Dominion: We only visited this park once when I was a duckling.  We went with dad’s coworker and his family, and as was the case with DCA, dad and his coworker left to ride roller coasters, while the rest of us just spent the day in the water park.  I don’t remember too much else….

Dutch Wonderland: This is one park I had wanted to visit for a long time as a duckling before my parents finally took me to it.  I remember it being a really cute and charming place.  There was a car ride similar to Autopia that Mother Duck and I rode, and dad and I sat in this building that would revolve around you, as you sat in place on this bench in the middle.  It was pretty cool, though dad said it made him dizzy.

And that’s about it, dear readers.  If you’d like to share your theme park memories, please do so the comments below!

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