The Duck Dreams of Abandoned Mansions

The night of 10/21/19, I had another one of my more interesting dreams.  And if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, then you know what that means.  I’m going to share this dream with you, my dear readers, because I’m weird, and that’s what I do.  As is often the case, the details have become rather fuzzy, but I’ll try to recount this odd dream as well as I can.

First of all, I remember this woman marrying this man and moving in with him and his parents.  They were supposedly rich and lived in a big mansion…or so it seemed.  Well, they were all gathered in this room with tall ceilings and windows on nearly every wall.  It was night, I believe, and this mysterious bright light began shining through the windows.  The woman was told by the other people that, under no circumstances, should she look into the light.  It was the work of otherworldly forces, and the family had, in fact, been terrorized by these mysterious beings for years and had no choice but to bombard themselves in this room, the rest of the mansion effectively off-limits even to them.

This woman (now me in the dream) later went outside one night to find three mansions.  They were built for the three daughters of the previous owners, though they were abandoned before anyone ever got the chance to live in them.  With several other people joining me, we decided to explore the mansions, flashlights in tow, one by one.

The mansions were extremely detailed and fancy, with opulent paintings adorning the walls.  It was truly a sight to behold.  (Strangely enough, the very next day, one of our favorite YouTubers, Exploring With Josh, explored an elaborately detailed, abandoned hotel that looked mighty similar to the mansions in my dream….)  There were countless rooms, some huge, and some smaller, but no less intriguing.  Each mansion was very similar, and yet they had enough unique details that it made exploring each one worthwhile.

There were several main things of interest that we found.  Earlier on, we found a group of people living in one of the mansions, along with a whole bunch of dogs.  The third mansion was also home to two interesting rooms.  One room was made of stone with these bay windows.  I can’t really explain it well enough, but there was something really cool about it that made me gasp when I first encountered it.  Lastly, there was a beautiful library with old books and, strangely enough, several people sitting around, reading and talking quietly.  Despite the mansion being abandoned, somehow this little secret club had been formed here.  It seemed like a pleasant place to hang out indeed.

Oh, and before I forget, there is one more dream I had a few days prior that I might as well share here, as well.  I can’t remember most of the dream at this point, but there was one part that stood out to me.  Mother Duck and I were in these underground tunnels with branching paths.  Why we were there, I have no idea, but the tunnels would be pitch black if it wasn’t for the single candle I was holding.

Mother Duck led the way, while I provided the light source.  Eventually, we came to an intersection where we could keep going straight or turn down the tunnel to the right.  Sweeping my candle out in front of us, my light fell upon a large figure standing in the tunnel to the right.  It looked like an unnaturally large, muscular man with grey skin and glowing eyes.  He was just standing there, motionless.  His presence in the tunnel was so startling, and his appearance so terrifying, that we turned and started running as fast as we could.

This dream still gives me chills when I think about it.

Image by Zigmars Berzins from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “The Duck Dreams of Abandoned Mansions

    1. While I was dreaming, I was assuming the weird lights outside the windows were ghosts, for some reason, but aliens actually makes a lot more sense. That was a creepy dream indeed.

      I feel like I could write some pretty spooky horror stories based on some of my dreams. I always come up with more creative ideas when I’m sleeping than what I can conjure up when awake.

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  1. I once wrote a scifi story, based on a dream. I’ll try and dig it out. Dreams are often wonderful inspiration aren’t they? I guess it’s whether or not you’re in a position to act upon them – early to rise, early to write etc!

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    1. I actually got a really interesting idea for a horror story years ago from a dream that I really planned on making into a short novel. I made so many plans and wrote so many notes, and then I became too busy with other things and abandoned the idea. Sometimes I want to return to it, but I never have the time…plus, I don’t remember where all my notes are….

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