The Duck Dreams of Things Lurking in the Shadows

The night of 8/25/19, I had a rather creepy dream that I wanted to write down before I forgot.  It has often been my intention to write a short story based off of some of my more interesting dreams, but as is often the case with a good number of my little side projects, it never quite happens.  Nevertheless, the least I can do is share it with all of you, my dear readers.

The dream was much creepier, honestly, and felt far more significant immediately after having woken from it than it does now.  Even so, I’d like to get across that this dream had a decidedly disturbing and ominous feel to it.  In this dream, my parents and I were travelling through the woods and looking for a place to stay for the night.  We were actually travelling by foot, and the entire setting had a rather old-fashioned, fantasy feel to it.  Eventually, we came to an inn that also doubled as a rather popular tavern/restaurant of sorts.  It was a big place owned by an elderly woman, and from the moment we set foot inside, we knew something was amiss.

There were a lot of people here, men and women, and I believe the old woman who owned the place allowed people to stay here free of charge out of the kindness of her heart.  The reason behind her kindness was not as simple as it sounded, however, for her hospitality was necessary to keep many people safe from some, currently unknown, harm.  I remember a dark stairway leading down into a basement, and I got a very strong feeling that we should not go down there.  There was something deadly lurking down those steps, just out of sight.

The building was a maze of rooms and hallways, and all over the place, there were beds, always with a light overhead.  Mother Duck and I (not sure where dad wandered off to) explored the building, travelling through narrow hallways and even across high rafters near the ceiling.  Though we were unfamiliar with the dangers of this place, it became apparent to us that we would only survive the night if we stayed within the light, even if the creatures in the darkness would have free reign of the place, just beyond the light’s radius, once night fell.

Looking back, this dream doesn’t really seem so interesting anymore.  Rather cliché, to be honest, considering there are plenty of stories where one must use light to repel evil.  But while I was actually in the middle of dreaming it, it still had the creepiest feel, nonetheless.  You could just sense that whatever was hiding in the darkness of the basement was, in fact, also all around us, lurking in the shadows and waiting for a time to move in closer.  Most likely, the entire forest surrounding us was filled with these malevolent creatures, and we only survived passage through the woods because we had been travelling during the daytime.

Well, if I ever do get around to writing a spooky story about this, if it’s only half as creepy as my dream, I think I will have succeeded.  I’m going to go think some happy thoughts now.

Photo by Pexels User: Dorran

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