Inktober 2019 Highlights Week 3

That’s right, I’ve got another batch of Inktober drawings to share with you guys!  Or rather, the top drawings I did this past week (all of them can be found on Deviant Art).  One of my pens is drying up, but it comes in handy for shadows now….

#15: Legend

Amaterasu from Okami.  I’m not great at drawing four-legged animals, so that’s why it’s good to practice!

#18: Misfit

I was looking up examples of misfits in movies and came across a list of Disney misfits.  As you can tell, the characters I chose to draw were Lilo and Stitch.  They turned out…all right, even if Lilo is totally staring into Stitch’s soul….

#20: Tread

Razoff is out hunting when he encounters the massive footprints of the elusive Xowar (a Bigfoot-like creature that was cut from Rayman 3).

#21: Treasure

This is a scene from Rayman 2 when our hero has to choose between Jano’s treasure and the Elixir of Life.  It took some practice before I could make Jano look intimidating instead of, you know, like Mike from Monsters Inc.

Week 1

Week 2

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