Inktober 2019 Highlights Week 2

Time to share with you all the highlights from my next batch of Inktober drawings!  You may have noticed that I am slowly getting better.  My crosshatching has improved, plus I learned that large, bold areas of ink have a way of making a picture “pop”, so you’ll be seeing a bit more of that now.  As usual, you can see every one of my Inktober pictures over on Deviant Art.

#11: Snow

Papyrus and Frisk are making an overly muscular snow-Papyrus, while Sans takes a nap.  After all, that’s all Sans really does when he’s not being punny.

#12: Dragon

I like dragons, but I don’t draw them very often.  Here’s Spyro, um…watching that sheep.

#13: Ash

Ash makes me think of fire, so here’s another dragon, Volvagia from Ocarina of Time.  I always thought this dragon was super cool.

#14: Overgrown

Don’t worry, Rayman, I’m sure Daisy’s just playing….

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