Over a Month with Carmelita and Rosalina

G’day, everyone, just thought I’d write a little update concerning our two new kittens, Rosalina and Carmelita.  Both kittens had several vet visits recently to finish their vaccines and to take care of a little tapeworm issue, but other than that, they’ve been quite happy and healthy and have grown a bit, too!  Carmelita was a whopping six pounds when last we checked, while tiny Rosalina, probably the runt, was only three or four (I forget…or she gained a pound between vet appointments).

Both kittens have now spent far more time in the main house, to the point that they spend almost the entire day out and about, with the master bedroom being where they spend their nights and their more hyper hours of the day.  Nearly everything in the house must be covered in towels to prevent them from scratching it or attempting to eat it.  This is why we can’t have nice things!

Rosalina on the left and Carmelita on the right. Now sure why Carmelita looks so nervous.

Rosalina remains the friendlier of the two and is constantly purring and looking up at us with a little grin on her face.  She enjoys sitting on Mother Duck’s lap, but won’t sit on mine anymore, for whatever reason.  She has, however, learned to play fetch and enjoys bringing me her crinkle ball to throw for her.  Once, she even dropped it right into my lap.

Carmelita, though bigger, is the shyer of the two.  Though she tries to play, Rosalina steals her toys half the time, so it takes a bit of effort to make sure that she gets her fair share of playtime.  For some reason, she’s been the most insistent about checking out our TV, the remaining problem area of the house now that our computer wires are covered in plastic wire protectors (it took an hour and two ruined thumbs to cover four wires in plastic).  Despite that, she’s starting to leave the TV alone when I tell her to stop.

Yesterday, as of writing this anyway, she actually napped next to me on the couch, which is an uncommon thing with her.  Hopefully our shy, more cautious kitty, will learn to enjoy our company just as much as Rosie does.

More kitty nap time

Both cats have started to meow more, and while Carmelita’s has become a loud, regular meow, Rosalina’s is still this weird, quiet…almost quack kind of noise.  We recorded a video of them meowing and laughed every time Rosalina meowed up at us.  It’s a pretty funny sound indeed.

I also wanted to recount a silly little situation one of the first days they got to spend prolonged time in the living room.  Both cats were running back and forth between the living room and master bedroom, toys in tow.  But while Carmelita was putting toys into the master bedroom, Rosalina kept taking them out.  It was as if Carmelita was preparing for her eventual return to the bedroom, while Rosalina was making herself right at home.  Rosalina won out, so when they returned to the bedroom for the night, we had to throw some more toys back in so they would have something to play with.

While I type this, Carmelita is napping on the couch, while Rosalina is sleeping inside their pet carrier.  Good to know they still trust that thing after it took them to the vet twice!

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