The Duck’s Recurring Dreams of Food and Darkness

The Duck dreams quite frequently, as you may have noticed from all the random dream posts I have written over the years.  For whatever reason, however, there are certain dreams I get far more often than others that began in ducklinghood and still continue to this day.  They can largely be broken down into two categories: food and darkness.

As you might expect, food dreams are usually more positive.  When I was a duckling, there was a time when I would have the same dream nearly every night.  Mother Duck would drive me up onto this mountain where there was a restaurant.  I would eat a grilled cheese sandwich, and then we would leave, and I’d wake up.  It was a rather random dream, I must admit, but it always had a safe, pleasant feel to it.  It was so vivid, in fact, that when we were driving around town during my waking hours, I would often look for that mountain because I thought that restaurant truly existed.

I often dream about bakeries, as well.  For the longest time, I would dream about this very same bakery again and again.  This dream, too, felt very safe, and felt so real that I tried very hard to remember if this place was real or not.  It was very clearly the same place in every dream, though I would sometimes have dreams where we would visit the town where the bakery was located, but were unable to find it.

The other recurring dream is much less pleasant.  In fact, it was very scary indeed.  This dream started around the same time as the one about the grilled cheese sandwich, but unlike the latter dream, this spookier one still continues to this day.  In this dream, it is night, and I am in my house.  Though I know that the power is not out, every light switch is not working.  I go from room to room, flipping light switches, only to achieve the same result every time.  For the entire dream, I am unable to get any light source to work, and I remain trapped in darkness.

There is a variation of this dream where I am in the house at night, and only some lights will work.  But even the ones that turn on are very dim, and I can still barely see.  Regardless of which version of the dream I am having, the house often feels very unsafe, and I’m desperate to turn on the lights for some semblance of security.

I have especially wondered if there is some meaning behind my frightening dreams of darkness, which seem to be pretty common when I look them up online.  I suppose it could mean I feel trapped in an unsafe situation, or I’m afraid of the unknown and have no way to illuminate it (literally or figuratively).  It is strange because, though I am currently at a very uncertain time in my life, I don’t believe I felt this way when these dreams began.  Very mysterious indeed…

If you’d like, dear readers, why not tell me about any recurring dreams you’ve had?

Photo by Pexels User: Dorran

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