Introducing Carmelita and Rosalina!

I am happy to introduce you all to the two newest felines to be adopted into the Duck’s household.  Named after two gaming ladies (Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and Carmelita from Sly Cooper), these two 9-week-old kitten sisters (predicted birthday June 23…though the papers say May 23…so are they actually three months old…?  I’m so confused!!!) are Lynx Point Siamese, which basically means they’re a mix of Siamese and tabby cats.  Carmelita (on the left in the banner) is the bigger, more beige one, while Rosalina (on the right) is the smaller, whiter one.

Up until recently, we weren’t quite sure yet when we were going to get cats again, but during our tentative visit to the pet store not so very long ago, there were a good number of cats, including two pairs of kittens.  We had been wanting siblings, and we have also always liked Siamese, so we decided to adopt this particular pair of kittens, though we didn’t get them into our home until 8 PM because their foster lady needed to microchip them and give them a few more vaccines.

Carmelita, with Rosalina peeking in the background

It wasn’t until the afternoon of the next day that they started to become friendlier, before being only interested in playing and running around the master bathroom, where we were keeping them until they got more used to us.  They have since gotten to explore the master bedroom, as well, though trips into the main house have been met with a bit of anxiety on their part.  In fact, they seem far more content to remain in a smaller part of the house, where their usual playful demeanor returns.

Both cats are fairly gentle and already pretty good about keeping their claws in when they play.  Rosalina is the sweeter of the two, however, and greatly enjoys climbing into our laps as often as she can.  She is also the bossier of the two and typically steals toys from her sister.  Carmelita is more cautious, but being bigger, she is also rougher and more adventurous.  Rosalina seems to study her and do whatever she does, including suckling on her sweater-bed when she saw Carmelita doing the same with a blanket.

Both kitties are also very quiet, but have slowly been starting to meow.  Carmelita’s first meow was when she was in the bathtub and couldn’t figure out how to get out.  I had to carry her out, only for her to jump right back in again.  When I opted instead to sit with her in the bathtub, the smaller Rosalina peeked over the side, quietly meowing a few times, as if she was upset that she was too small to join us.  During a subsequent trip into the main house, Carmelita meowed very loudly when she went into a dark hallway.  She only calmed down when I came over and picked her up to return her to the master bedroom.  Now long later, she meowed louder still when I remained in the master bedroom, while she was in the bathroom.  Rosalina doesn’t meow quite as much, but she has greeted Mother Duck a few times with a single meow.

Kinda dark, but here’s Rosalina, just chillin’

Thus far, both kittens have been very sweet, purring and “making biscuits” constantly.  They already seem to really like us, Rosalina especially, whom I’ve caught standing behind me, staring up at me.  They are also very playful and enjoy wrestling with each other and running around with a toy in their mouth.  Eventually, they’ll have the whole house to roam, but for now, I suppose the master bedroom/bathroom will be their home until they feel more comfortable exploring a larger space.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty more updates in the future, but for now, toodle-oo until next time!


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