Nine Years of Blogging!

For the first time in nine years, the Duck has missed my blog’s birthday.  On July 13 of this year, it turned nine years old.  In the hopes that my blog won’t be holding a grudge for my thoughtlessness, I thought I’d write a quick, if late, post about my ninth year of blogging goodness.

To start, this was a year of great sadness, as we lost our cat Elsa to what we can only assume was a severe case of asthma.  (Even the vets weren’t quite sure.)  She was just under five years old, but she was the best friend anyone could have.  If you want to read more about what happened, you can find the post about it here.

I guess it’s now time we moved on to happier things.  This was also the year I returned to the comic convention, as I had not gone the year prior.  It was a lot of fun, and I got far more goodies than I normally do, including a huge 1964 map of Disneyland and a tentacle kitty plush that I named Penelope.  Afterward, I ended up ordered a pirate kitty from them, as well, which I named Cap’n Bartholomeow.  He has a toilet paper roll on his leg in place of a peg leg, and he wears his owner’s undies on his head as a makeshift bandana.  It’s adorable!

This year was also home to our fastest growing month for Virtual Bastion’s Youtube channel.  In June, our channel shot up by 24 subscribers, when we normally only get about 5 per month.  This placed us well into the 200 range, 222 to be exact.

This is also the year I got the Nintendo Switch, which provided me with countless hours of fun despite the fact that I still only have two games for it, Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.  My new main character in the latter is King K. Rool, though it is very possible that he’ll be replaced in the near future by Banjo and Kazooie….  And let’s not forget that this was also the year that Kingdom Hearts 3 was released!  What an exciting year for gaming indeed!

Last of all, I always like to discuss my blog’s stats.  Total views increased from 32,225 to 36,564 (about 1000 views more than last year), while my subscribers have increased from 362 to 434.  Last year, I got 13 subscribers, and this year, I got…72!  The only weird thing is my best day remains as that elusive 211 on December 9, 2012 (even though WordPress previously stated that my views that day was 208…).  I have no idea what made me so popular that day, but I have apparently never been as amazing in the years that followed.  Alas…

As for what this next year holds…I’m pretty much going to continue doing what I always do.  Youtube, DeviantArt, and of course, blogging.  And consider whether or not it’s time to get another cat.  I’ve been sorely missing the joys of having a fluffy companion or two running around the house.  As usual, I can’t end this post without thanking everyone who enjoys this blog and everyone who has left kind comments, liked my posts, and subscribed!  Thank you all, and let’s welcome in the Duck’s tenth year of blogging!

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