100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 24: No Time

To fuel the Duck’s inspiration, I have turned once more to the 100 theme challenge, which…um, challenges me to write about the topic “no time”.  This is a phrase that probably describes all of us, at one time or another.  There’s not enough time for this work assignment or this hobby that I so badly want to return to.  Not enough time to finish reading that novel or binge-watching that great new show on Netflix.  While it’s never a pleasant feeling to be running out of time, I’ll admit that my busy self sometimes prefers to have less empty time in my schedule rather than more.

Years ago, I had almost no hobbies besides video games.  Outside of college or whatever I happened to be doing at the time, there was actually too much time in the day.  And it was positively boring.  (I know, poor me, huh?)  The only way to spend my extra time in the evenings was watching awfully boring stuff on TV, like those nature shows where nothing really happens, until animals start getting killed by other animals, and then you wish the show would go back to nothing happening.

Fast forward some number of years I didn’t keep track of, and I’ve got no shortage of ways to spend my time.  For me, I always like to be busy, so filling up every spare minute with something productive is a far more fulfilling way to live.  Outside of the important kind of stuff all of us humans have to do (school, work, whatever), I’m always doing something.  Writing for two blogs.  Recording videos or editing them.  Writing fan fiction or slowly inching my way through a novel I started years ago and still haven’t quite gotten around to finishing.  (I’m a perfectionist!)  And lately, I’ve even started drawing fan art for Deviant Art.

I’m a busy Duck indeed, even if, admittedly, most of the things I’m busy doing aren’t terribly important.  But at least there are select circumstances where having “no time” is actually welcome.  It sure beats watching disturbing nature shows in my free time.

Photo by Jiyeon Park on Unsplash

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