Comicon 2019: Tentacle Kitties and Mythbusters

As I do nearly every year, the Duck enjoys visiting the comic convention.  Not only is it a fun way to explore all things geeky and nerdy, but it’s also the only time I can dress up as a video game character without looking like a weirdo.  Even though this was the first year in a while that I didn’t have a new costume to wear, it was still a fun and exciting day filled with unique vendors, movie cars, Lego displays, and more.  With the obligatory opening paragraph out of the way, let’s discuss…comicon 2019!

Out of my five costumes, this year’s cosplay of choice was Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII.  It is a most complicated costume to put on, as Vanille has no shortage of beads, necklaces, and other random pieces that require a good deal of struggling to secure about my person.  A big reason her costume is so troublesome is because many of the pieces are connected via tiny hooks.  Imagine how fun all that is to put together when you have to rely on what you see in the mirror and your every movement is reversed.

To make matters worse, the Velcro for Vanille’s belt came off.  I tried to make some emergency repairs using my trusty hot glue gun, but the belt came undone once again upon our arrival at the parking garage.  Now this is where we needed to get creative.  You see, where the comicon is located, there are no stores around that sell regular, general items like super glue.  So as we walked through this outdoor shopping mall, Mother Duck had an ingenious plan.  A nail place was just about to open, so she asked the man sweeping the floor there if we could buy some of the glue used to stick on artificial nails.  He inquired about this once the other employees arrived, and we got ourselves a small bottle of nail glue.  This stuff turned out to be pretty tough, as it was sufficient for gluing the Velcro back onto Vanille’s belt, where it held for the rest of the day.

Shameless advertising in 3…2…1.  Mother Duck’s own attire of choice was a Virtual Bastion t-shirt, which we bought from our Virtual Bastion SpreadShirt shop.  Yes, I buy my own shirts.  I have made some money off of myself this way.  And no, I have not made a profit.  The only shirt I have sold thus far that was not bought by me was my Loch Ness Monster shirt, which was purchased by a guy in Australia.  This is getting very off topic, but I thought it was interesting.

Anyway…after waiting in the very long security line, a line which puts those at Disneyland to shame (yes, even the queue for Peter Pan’s Flight!), we got inside the main convention building, where our first order of business was a quick lunch.  We were hungry from dieting, you see.  We got some Chinese food in the food court, some fried rice and spicy chicken.  It was…not very good, to be honest.  But at least we were feeling a bit less famished.

And now it was finally time for the main event…exploring the main vendor hall!  Normally, the comicon is packed with people, but today, despite there being 20,000 more people attending than years prior, it was…actually not that bad.  There was, in fact, plenty of room to move around, which made perusing the massive room far more fun than it normally is.

My first purchase actually came within five minutes of entering.  Having lost our baby bean, Elsa, back in February, I have been seeking out an alternative to owning a real pet.  At least until we figure out some sort of solution to the bad air pollution issue we have where we live.  Fortunately for me, we just so happened to pass a booth selling kitty plushies.  Kitties with…tentacles?

Don’t be alarmed by the kitty with tentacles! She’s actually quite sweet.

Tentacle Kitty, the original being pink, is a cute kind of kitty from another dimension or some such thing.  The pink ones smell very strongly of cotton candy because they eat cotton candy mice.  It all makes very logical sense.  I ended up buying a pink tentacle kitty, which I named Penelope.  I have since ordered her a friend, a regular Earth kitty who just so happens to be dressed as a pirate.  He wears his owner’s undies on his head like a bandana and uses a toilet paper roll as a makeshift peg leg.  A big reason for buying him was his backstory.  That’s just too cute!

Mother Duck is quite creeped out by Penelope, but I think the fact that she is weighted, so you can hold her upright in your hand, and her tentacles kind of feel like they’re hugging you, is very charming indeed.

Ahem…I forgot to mention that I had several items in particular that I was looking for at this year’s comicon.  My mission was to locate a King Dedede plushie, which I had seen several years prior, a Spyro plushie, and anything related to the Haunted Mansion.  My third wish was granted when I saw a delightful Hitchhiking Ghost print created by Deviant Art user Brianna Cherry Garcia.  I also bought a charming print of Jack Skellington and Sally dressed as Mary Poppins and Bert from her.  For some added goodness, she also signed both of them!

It’s always a jolly holiday with these guys.

Though I did not end up finding a King Dedede plushie, I did find a Spyro plushie that I didn’t like all that much.  Instead, I managed to track down the one vendor selling a Spyro Funko.  In addition, I got three Undertale posters and a Gravity Falls poster from an artist called PotatoBuns, who also gave me some free chocolate pocky.  Yum!  Being a very naughty Duck indeed, I also got a Jim Shore figurine of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

This box contains one tiny purple dragon.
Wowie, that’s a lot of posters!
This was the last Ariel figure they were selling, too. Huzzah for me!

And last, but certainly not least, was my naughtiest purchase yet…a 1964 map of Disneyland!  It is huge, and it’s packed full of Disney history.  It has placeholders for the future Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, along with Edison Square and Liberty Street, which were never actually built.  It even has the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship in Fantasyland that I always see in these aerial videos of old-school Disneyland!

Half of my awesome Disneyland map! Do I even have a big enough wall in my house to put this?

Other delightful details are as follows…  While perusing the big vendor room (which was also home to a bunch of old arcades and people playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate on a huge TV), we saw MST3K’s Tom Servo!  During a trek outside, we also saw various movie cars, namely from Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and Ghostbusters.  It was around this time that we also got a better meal at a nearby Mexican grill, where Mother Duck got chili relleno, and I got chicken tacos.  Though the food was tasty, we were both too full thanks to our recent diet that made eating any amount of food beyond an apple far too filling.  They also had awesome salsa and these seasoned tortilla chips.

Last of all, we went upstairs to where the actors and such can be found.  The vendors had also spilled over to this room, along with some cool Lego, Star Wars, and Dr. Who exhibits.  Below is a brief summary of our efforts at spotting some famous people…

BB-8, just chillin’.
K9 from Dr. Who.

We saw several actors from Star Trek, though the best I could see of Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman) was his forehead.  So…that’s something?  The person I actually wanted to see the most was Mythbuster’s Adam Savage, of whom we got the best view.  In fact, we got a clear, unobstructed view of him from about twenty feet away.  A lot of people were lining up to meet him, and he was laughing quite heartily at something someone had said.  We wanted to meet him ourselves, but we were apparently supposed to pay beforehand, so…never mind, I guess.

Needless to say, it was a rather delightful day at the comicon…and certainly my most successful in terms of accumulating some nerdy goodness.  I have no idea what next year’s comicon holds, but it’ll have to be pretty great to top that!

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