Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Sega

Last, but not least, it’s time I talked about my memories of friend C from elementary school.  This friend also had a very big house (I had the smallest house out of my friends; this is also the same friend who made fun of the fact that I had a small, blow-up pool in my backyard).  This house had some land around it, but not as much as friend A, but her neighborhood was very scenic, with a pond and a forest nearby.

This friend’s house had two living rooms (I think they all did, another aspect of their houses that, admittedly, young Duck was rather jealous of; in fact, I only lived in a two-living room house for one year, and it was grand).  The mother would usually watch TV quietly in one living room, while we would get the bigger one in the back of the house.  It was always a special treat to play video games here, because unlike Nintendo-loving friends A and B, this friend had a Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, and a PS1.  I really loved getting to play some non-Nintendo games, including all of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games, Crazy Taxi (we found this game to be quite hilarious), and a short little rendezvous into a T-rated game.  I later played Chrono Cross as an adult and had the oddest sense of déjà vu, so I have a strong suspicion that this was the game we played.

Sometimes, we would also go into her older brother’s room and play Ocarina of Time on his Nintendo 64.  It was pretty cool because, at this time, I had never progressed past the Fire Temple, and he had, so I had a lot of fun smacking everything possible with the Megaton Hammer.  We weren’t supposed to play his games, though, so we were always careful to never save our progress….

Unfortunately, friend C usually preferred watching TV over playing video games, so it was always quite boring when she decided instead to watch cooking shows and Cops.  Though, there was one time we decided to cook muffins, which was a fun, little disaster.  The issue was, we kept messing up the recipe.  When the batter was too sweet, we’d add flour, and when it was not sweet enough, we’d add sugar.  At one point, the butter fell on the floor, and she simply sliced off the dirty part and used it anyway.  We also had to take a quick trip to the grocery store for eggs.  Since we only needed one or two, we bought one of the tiny egg cartons that only contained four eggs, even though her mom (she drove us, but did not accompany us into the store) gave us money for a full carton of eggs.

Needless to say, I did not partake in the muffins.

As with my other friends, I also had one sleepover at friend C’s house, though I now recall that this is the only friend whose dad I never saw.  He was a postal worker, and I think I might have seen his picture.  He looked very serious, and I’ll admit that I was always strangely afraid of him and grateful to have never met him.  Anyway, it was at this sleepover that we attempted to tell each other scary stories, but her stories were actually good, and mine were awful.  I also remember trying to sleep, but I was unable, as I’ve always had a rather troublesome case of insomnia.  Fortunately, she had a new kitten named Rusty to keep me company while I attempted to get some rest.

That pretty much sums up my trio of posts about my friends.  I hope you guys enjoyed this rather random little trip down memory lane!

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