Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Uncrustables

Last time, I was reminiscing about the generically named friend A from elementary school.  For today’s post, we are now moving on to friend B.  This friend also had a large house, but it was one of many identical houses in a neighborhood where none of the backyards had any fences.  Like friend A, we spent a good deal of our time playing in the very large, but also very unfinished basement.  Unlike friend A, I never ate at this friend’s house because her mom only offered those weird Uncrustable sandwiches.  You know about those, right?  Those little round sandwiches that are supposed to eliminate bread crust, but which, instead, are surrounded by weird, hard bread that is even more unappealing than the crust had been.

Though we sometimes played Mario Party 3 upstairs on this little TV, we actually spent most of our time playing make believe, during which we usually pretended to be the Powerpuff Girls.  This worked out quite well, as her little sister always played with us, as well, giving us the perfect trio.  I was always Buttercup, a choice I made more because I like green rather than out of love for the character.  I forgot who played as the others.

One day, friend B and I were upstairs in her room, making balloon animals.  It was a surprisingly easy task indeed, I must say.  Well, her little sister currently had a friend over.  They decided to fill a balloon with air and throw it into her big sister’s room.  We all watched as the balloon hissed and slowly deflated, then burst into mad laughter at the sorry display.

To finish off, here are a few random memories.  I believe there was at least one, but maybe a couple, times that she invited a bunch more friends over, but none of them were people I knew.  Strangely enough, I think there was one girl who found me quite funny.  We once played some random card game (like Uno or something), as a group, her parents and other friends included.  I had no idea what we were doing, so they just walked me through my every possible move the entire game, even if it was giving me a rather unfair advantage.  I also remember being rather jealous that they had an actual menu to search for shows on their TV.  At this time, I was still relying on watching the TV Guide channel at my own house.  How I do not miss that aspect of the past.

Next week, we’ll discuss my third and final friend, the friend with the Sega!  See you guys then!

4 thoughts on “Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Uncrustables

  1. Oh my goodness…that menu came with cable. Sometimes I’ll see it referenced in YouTube channels and it brings the nostalgia. I would also read TV Guide, too, though. As I kid it was rare for me to have any control over the TV so I’d try to figure out if there was something I wanted to watch and the time it was on so I could try to plan to watch it if no one was around. Sometimes it would happen lol.

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    1. I didn’t have any control over the main TV as a kid, either, but I did enjoy watching a few shows on the basement TV. Mainly, I enjoyed watching Invader Zim back then, though it wasn’t on very reliably. After a time, I would watch the TV Guide channel several times over, only to find that Invader Zim was, once again, not going to be on at its appointed time. I’d still try anyway, though, in the hopes that they were mistaken.

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      1. I seem to recall hearing something about Invader Zim lately. Like it’s either coming back or there’s going to be a movie. I can’t remember which! I remember the first time I saw Invader Zim. I was, er, drunk for one of the first times in my life at a party in college and someone put it on. I absolutely loved it and I still loved it sober. The Santa song is the best.


      2. Yeah, there’s apparently an Invader Zim movie coming out on Netflix in mid-August. I’m pretty excited for it! Invader Zim is one of my favorite shows, so it was quite a pleasant surprise indeed!

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