Memories of Friendship: The Friend with the Pool

Many years back, when the Duck was in elementary school, I had three friends.  Though we got into plenty of arguments, I have many fond memories of our time together and decided to reminisce.  To protect their identities on this here Internet, they shall be referred to as friends A-C.  Since I don’t want this post to go too long, however, I’m going to break it into three.  Here we go…

Friend A was the wealthiest of my friends.  She had a large house with land, and the entire time I knew her, her parents were fixing up their house.  I remember the long span of time when their backyard was torn up for the purposes of adding a pool, and their basement appeared to be in an eternal state of renovation.  One half of the basement was finished and contained a TV, one of those huge, L-shaped couches, and a room off to the side with a bed and closet.  The other side had a curtain barring access to the unfinished part of the basement, into which I had only peeked, but never ventured, partly because I wasn’t supposed to go in there, and partly because it was kind of scary.

Though I was really excited for the day their pool was finished, once that day arrived, I ended up becoming bored quite quickly whenever we went swimming because I wanted to return to their basement where we could play her video games, namely GameCube games like Sonic Adventure 2, Evolution Worlds, and Bomberman Generation.  Though there were a few times when we played video games in her living room, as well.   On one of these days, I brought over my copy of Majora’s Mask and an extra expansion pack so we could play the game on her Nintendo 64.  She was also able to get video games and consoles before me, so I had a rather thrilling time visiting her one day and getting to play the newly released Super Smash Bros Melee.

I remember a few sleepovers, one of which must have been a birthday because our entire group of friends stayed the night.  We played Pokemon Stadium for a while, before everyone but me got too tired and wanted to go to bed.  At that point, I had no choice but to oblige, but was unable to fall asleep for hours out of sheer excitement to play games again with all my friends at once.  There was another sleepover where I was the only one who stayed over, and we played Sonic Adventure 2 late into the night.  (We also ran around in the dark with a strobe light, until I ran straight into a wall.)  Neither of us had beaten the game yet, and we had good times watching some of the cut scenes late into the game and attempting the later stages.  We also spent a lot of time taking care of Chao.  (One time, she was at my house, and I hatched a brown Chao, which she named Poopsie.  She herself had a Chao with the more clever name of Chaoder.  Get it, Chowder?)

I rarely ever ate at my friends’ houses, but one day I had no choice but to oblige, as her mom had prepared ramen, watermelon, and strawberry shortcake.  It was delicious.

Well, that seems to be the extent of any memories worth recounting at the moment.  Next week, we will talk about…the friend with the Uncrustables….

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