Dream Time: So Many Cats!

Seeing as I am currently cat-less for the first time in four years, it is no wonder that cats have been on my mind quite a lot lately.  And yet, though I deeply want to get another pet now that dear Elsa is no longer with us, I have no idea what’s going on with my life at the moment (it’s complicated), so getting a pet would currently be quite unwise.  Even so, that does not mean my life is completely devoid of feline companions, because the nights of 3/6/19 and 3/7/19 were filled with dreams of these lovely, fluffy angels.

On the first night, I dreamt of two cats.  I often dream of trying to protect my cat(s) from harm as we try to make our way home, but this time, I did not know who either cat was.  All I knew was, they did not appear to have owners, and so it was my duty to get them safely home with me.  I think one cat was grey, while the other was white with large splotches on its back.  While both were sweet, the latter was a bit feistier.  I would get both cats in my car, but then the white cat would jump out before I could close the door.  After a few attempts, I was able to finally get both cats securely in my car so that I could drive them to their new home.

The following night, I dreamt that Mother Duck and I were fostering a whole bunch of cats of various ages and sizes.  There were probably twenty of them, adults, young cats, and even super tiny kittens.  The first floor of our house was, more or less, one big room, in an L shape.  On one end was our living room, and on the other, there was a bend that led to another room.  I tried keeping the cats out of this room with a huge curtain, which, as you might expect for twenty rambunctious cat babies and adults, was not working.  Furthermore, there was nothing, curtain or otherwise, stopping them from getting to the living room.  I was quite worried that all these playful kitties would run around our living room and cause mayhem with our TV and other electronics.

So as I pondered what to do about so many free-roaming kitties, I was picking up kittens practically by the handful who had wandered underneath the curtain and were trying to explore the rest of the house.  While it was certainly not a bad dream, I would have planned ahead much more thoroughly had this been taking place in reality.  My dream self is so irresponsible.

Photo by Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash

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