Drawing Gretchen 10 Years Later

As I continue my quest to improve my drawing skills, I decided it would be fun to draw a new and revised picture of Gretchen, an original character I created some years back.  She looks a heck of a lot better, as do my attempts at coloring hair and eyes.  Below is the character description I included on Deviant Art.

“Gretchen is an OC I created years ago after I had a dream about a dragon woman with blue hair.  She is pretty goofy and thinks canned food is a miracle substance due to how long it stays preserved (years ago, I was writing a comic involving a post-apocalyptic world, in which she was a supporting character).  She’s also a bit crazy and enjoys laughing at bad jokes.  If she’s angered, however, she’s not to be trifled with.  Being a reptile, she’s pretty darn tough when provoked, even if it takes a lot to make her mad, due to how oblivious she tends to be.”

Below you can see a comparison between my new version of Gretchen and the old one, which I drew, ironically, ten years ago back in 2009.  How convenient!  It’s good to see that I’ve made vast improvements since then…and I wasn’t even drawing all that much between then and now!

As a side note, Gretchen is property of the Duck of Indeed.  Of course.

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