Dream Time: The Duck Uses the Wrong Computer

The night of 3/4/19, the Duck had a dream that caused me stress even after I had woken up…until I finally realized that it had all just been, in fact, inside my fluffy duck head all along.  Phew.  In this dream, I was going to a community college, and I kept visiting the college’s server.  I thought it was quite cool indeed getting to use such a fancy-pants computer (though I am rather unsure how it was so easy to gain access to it).

The issue is, this computer was off-limits to students, as one would expect, and if I managed to do something silly, I could have caused untold damage.  I remember there being a list of tasks the college’s administrator needed to do, but I decided to take care of some of these simply because I could.  (I have used a server computer before, and I am no stranger to…really basic command line.  I installed a printer on my mom’s computer via the command line when it required administrator access.  But now I’m getting off topic.)

After a time, when I tried to visit the server, I was stopped by a man telling me I had no right to be here.  At this point, I started to worry.  I was afraid someone would eventually find out that I had been using the server, especially when I recalled the work I had done on it.  If someone came along planning to take care of some of those tasks, only to find that half were already done, would they know it was me?  Well, more than likely, because I logged in with my college username!

I was really stressed about all the trouble I would be in, and even after I woke up, I spent some time worrying about what would happen if someone found out what I had done.  Imagine my relief when it occurred to me that this was just a dream, after all.

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